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  1. Exactly this. In the early days it was thought it could be caught from showers, but this has been discredited. It is almost always caught from infected wet cooling towers associated with air conditioning plant. Operators of these have to register thrm with the local authority and provide evidence of regular biocide dosing and testing for legionella.
  2. The ones near supermarkets can lose capacity due to "trolleyation"
  3. Exactly why we need periodic retesting. Cost will be born by drivers. I agree regarding mobile phones. In my experience some people prioritise the phone call over driving, whilst a few prioritise driving over the phone call. Before the ban on hands free mobiles, mmy company expected me to participate in conference calls whilst driving. I was often asked why I had stopped talking during them. It was because I was concentrating on the driving. I was glad when attitudes changed and the company policy changed to no calls whilst driving.
  4. Yup, that's what I do. However, if I had specified the boat, I would have had seperates. Yes. It is how I leave my boat in cold weather, and the mains feeds the oil filled rads and dehumidifier.
  5. This thread makes my head hurt. When I operate real locks, it makes my arms/legs/back hurt.
  6. I think re-testing every 3-5 years is the way forward. After all most professions where a mistake can kill require the practitioner to prove competence periodically. If they ramped up the pass criteria it could be used to control congestion too.
  7. I wonder if you can use an ecofan to drive a wind turbine? That way you can stay warm and never suffer flat batteries again. It may even be possible to use the wind turbine to power an electric stove, upon which the ecofan is placed and achieve perpetual motion.
  8. They wash at least as well as an automatic and dry considerably better. The whole wash dry thing takes about15 minutes, but is labour intensive, as you have to add water, add detergent, move clothes from drum to drum, etc. Cheaply constructed in plastic, but seems to last well with light (one wash per week, summer months only) use.
  9. No your V is less than 60 or 120 because your equipment works 12 volts It just happens to be SELV (which means you won't experience an electric shock if you accidentally touch the 12 volt wires. (But you might get burnt if you short them out).
  10. Although not a liveaboard my Lifeline AGM still have over 60% of their original capacity and are now in their 11th year. Lifeline are eye wateringly expensive though
  11. Technically any DC below 120 volts of extra low voltage (ELV) and less than 60 volts DC is safety extra low voltage (SELV).
  12. When I worked in the data centre industry, the local authority fire officers used to insist all small gaps between rooms were sealed with intumesant sealant like this. https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p58145?r=googleshopping&rr=marin&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&mkwid=s8awQ1Z5v_dm&pcrid=142453205744&pkw=&pmt=&product=58145&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi_vf6ZKJ2AIV6ZPtCh1_PAhZEAQYAiABEgJQH_D_BwE
  13. Exactly this. Diesel bug lives in the water/oil interface. The longer thst interface exists, the more likely the bug is to develop. That is why it is important to remove water from the bottom of the tank periodically. Road diesel and red diesel are now the same except for the dye. The exception being premium diesel from the manor brands which contain a detergent and cetane boosting pack.
  14. (Pedant mode on) In electrical terms low voltage is 50-1000 volts AC, so all inverters used on canal boats are low voltage. (Pedant mode off)
  15. Seconded, we use one of these. Mind you they have gone up a lot in the tank 3 years, we paid about £60 for ours https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/5kg-Portable-Mini-Compact-Twin-Tub-Washing-Machine-Washer-Spin-Dryer-300w/12003668888?iid=122063477704
  16. There is no doubt that diesel bug exists, and has done for years. However it is much more common since the introduction of 7% FAME to make biodoesel. I suspect the reduction in sulphur content has also played a part. I first came across it in the late 1980's, in large external fuel tanks supporting standby generators, which are more prone to getting condensation in them then underground internal tanks. Whether the additives work is another matter, but I suspect they do no harm in recommended doses.
  17. TEn years is an exceptional life for a sealed battery, even if it an AGM battery. It owes you nothing. Replace it. Even if you do manage to recharge it, it is very much on borrowed time.
  18. Could you mount a solid baffle in front of the low level vents? If fitted on legs so that it stands a small distance away from the louvres, it will admit air but prevent the draught from coming straight through. It the area around the gaps between the edges of the baffle and the fixed louvre was the same as the area of the low level vents area, the BSS calculated ventilation area would be unaffected. I was told thst gaps around doors, hatches etc are "fortuitous ventilation", and are not taken into account for the BSS calculations, so you could seal the gaps around doors etc with draught excluding foam strips.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. Is your boat actually 60 foot? Many very by a few inches to a couple of feet from their licenced length, either longer or shorter. Best to measure the actual length first.
  21. Not if he is a very helpful walker, who helps you do the locks.
  22. According to this site the binding agent is molasses. Yespecially, it surprised me too. https://www.coals2u.co.uk/basic-coal-questions What is manufactured coal? The raw coal materials are often blended together to make a better performing fuel. Through carefully adding the right amount of each material we can create coals that burn longer, produce less smoke, less CO2 emissions and give off an attractive flame. For instance, a manufactured coal such as Homefire would contain anthracite to make it smokeless and house coal to make it easier to light. This is all bound together using an agent such as molasses – which is a renewable energy source. At CPL we produce a number of manufactured fuels which combine different high quality characteristics to make your favourite coals.
  23. It's great for sound insulation. Much better than sprayfoam in that respect.
  24. If you want a battery that will survive being left a week between charges, then NIFE battery would be best, providing you have the space and can tolerate the wide voltage range between fully charged and flat. They are almost indestructible, but require different charging voltages to lead acids.
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