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  1. LOL no probs .. be more than happy to have you as a guest .....
  2. I need to get the form in before the 15th March Pete so a decision by the 12th would work for me C
  3. Pete I am going and if you would like to be my guest I would be more than happy Chris]
  4. A can of worms indeed Tim.. and no matter what they decided there will always be winners and loosers They do need to get their act together and a unilateral licencing system needs to be found
  5. I understand that completely Tim.. but as you will agree there are x % more wides now than ever and I like many others do feel that the price should be proportionate Chris
  6. One thisng they NEED to do is to standardise as per EA licences to Length x Beam At present historic pairs are unfairly penalised while widebeams get away with it
  7. Murflynn .. to correct you .. HMI did not "drop it" Isuzu (Japan) stopped manufacture of that engine base due to worldwide emission regulations At that point there was no other viable Isuzu based engine for the UK inland market All three directors of the Marine division of HMI resigned and formed Engines Plus to market another viable alternative they still have source on spares etc from Isuzu Good guys and they talk the talk... well apart from Hedley ( sic) but that will cost me a pint no doubt Chris
  8. Talk to Alan Dimery at Engines Plus 01453 547273
  9. One of the Alfas must need fixing ( again)
  10. Wire has fallen off the W terminal on the alternator ( possibly)
  11. There WILL be a jump chain.. been there done that as well
  12. Fabian Hiscock of Rickmansworth Waterways Trust steering Roger
  13. I don't dare comment in case I put ( another) an error of grammar and inflame the trolls
  14. Whist the purists will wail and gnash their teeth, we have had a new 'ellum made by Martin Kedian for our motorised Bantock VETO Despite the look it is not significantly heavier than the old , rotted damaged one and completed on time and within our limited budget For us it's a win win Lise n Chris
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