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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. the one in the centre,,  and spare impellors, has an electric 12 volt motor on it at the moment, but can soon take that off

  3. Got one for sale in my workshop
  4. Got a Jabsco pump with electric 12 volt on back of it, for sale
  5. Put it under Vintage engines, Gardner, get more replies there
  6. That's modern day boating.
  7. Have a spare cable for sale in , for sale item, never been used and still in box
  8. Not sure about that, two on the back and one inside, taking cups in to fill
  9. Just had The boat 'Spey' pass me at Stoke Works, heading for the flight, lovely sound it was to
  10. Yes see the mix up now, crossed wires
  11. The cottage is on the , Worcester & Birmingham canal, between bridges 41 & 42 with no arm or winding holes. have moored my boat , 70' along side for the past 18 years and the previous owner as well,
  12. No short arm and no winding hole,, it is on the offside, 120 ft appox
  13. Agreed, but northing to suggest it was in the past.
  14. No,, was built 1795 , before the canal arrived
  15. https://www.onthemarket.com/details/5307762/
  16. A canal side property always has a premium, but some more than others, down from me very little area for mooring a boat and some as in mine 120 feet, but the estate agents don't see them as any different when pricing, they price as per the area within a mile or so, in a lot of cases' Had to explain to them about how boats can moor and not moor, the fact that, the canal is private property and you need per mission to moor, some people own to the canal edge, as in my case, but most not own to the canal edge . Is it cheaper to just moor it in a marina as apposed to outside your door, d
  17. Yes is,, they all do it, but some are worse than others, known a few buy a new replacement and it been ok, so now they have a spare.
  18. Just about to put my canal side cottage on the market, had the estate agents in,, not a clue regards canal properties, or there opportunities.
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