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  1. thank you for the informed replies, much appreciated. i was considering a Davis Craig pump or even a 12V Central Heating Laing. Yes a part replacement kit would be good but unfortunately the model is now out of service and the grommet seal at the back of it that seals the unobtainable. I have yet to find an alternative Jabsco that will fit the mounting, though not impossible to over come, expensive pass time i suspect. Your comments have all been very useful
  2. I'm considering doing away with the camshaft driven jabsco water pump (which has come to the end of its lollipop) i have on my Petter PJ2 and replacing it with an electric water pump. The engine is cooled via a skin tank. Anyone tried this on a diesel engine? Any reason to think this might not work?
  3. Has anyone sailed from Limehouse to Brentford Lock. How long did it take? Easy going?
  4. hello how long did you cruise a day to get round?
  5. Has anyone got a method of removing that nasty rubberised non slip paint you find on gunnels.
  6. Thanks for constructive comments smiley pete
  7. yes maybe i will have to parallel them up, I'm a bit reluctant as the boat has run for 25 years on this arrangement, the current batteries are six years old and still holding a full charge. I suspected the diodes within the unit would restrict any back feed damage to the controller when the "both" switch were engaged but not too sure ( it works fine with my onboard Sterling charging system when i run it off the generator or occasionally plug in to England). likewise with the alternater from the engine, which also has an in line controller - seems to work ok Problem with solar panels is they
  8. hello all been away sorry for the delay in picking up your threads yes smiley pete it is one of them (20A) http://www.mpptsolar...arge-controller wotever -the batteries are wired this way because i have a low rev engine, it is a common wiring on old traditional boats. and yes i have a separate starter.
  9. Has anyone got this arrangement and using solar panels. Two domestics batteries controlled by a three position tumble switch. The switch options are to run the domestic load off of battery one or two or both. In essence the two batteries are working either independently or when the switch is selected to both - in parallel. I have a duel solar controller. To enable me to charge both batteries independently which is fine when the domestics are isolated ( the three way switch selected as off). And of course if one battery is selected for the domestic load. However, when the tumble switch is t
  10. Thanks JDR - yours seems to be near to the rating i need given that you have the same bank. 250w seems a good starting point. Aslo going to take on board your comments re controller.
  11. thanks wiccan do you have a system installed by/from them?
  12. Hello all Can anyone (from experience) recommend a solar panel kit that will keep one starter and two 110 A.H. domestics topped up. 12V system - no inverters on board. one fridge used occasionally, lighting and digital radio only appliance's. Ideally kit comes complete with controller etc and no rocket science required to install. cheers
  13. Thanks All Will Speak to Stockton as not too far -Not sure about the needle gun. 20 years does give a lot of cover, unfortuately its now so thick its starting to blister. Not so good. Shropies a bit too far but will consider at a push once again thanks for the relpys
  14. Hello I need to remove 20 years of hull tar blacking and start afresh. The boat is in the Midlands, can anyone recommend someone for the job. thanks
  15. If your not sure and want the absolute ring British Waterways - ask for the number of the local BW manager - there is a document you can download from them showing the through depths of all canals - i have found it better to give the local guy a call just to be on the safe side.
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