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  1. They are 71x15 feet. The cilled boat was under 45 feet, and sank after sunset last night. It might be time to start padlocking them overnight again. Refloated today and moved off.
  2. Erm, didn't @ivan&alice end up buying the boat their spreadsheet described in nearly every detail?
  3. I always say they are the waterways version of the VW Beetle. Not amazing build quality, but with their own quirks and style. Some of the well maintained ones are excellent boats, but as they were cheap and cheerful boats 40 or 50 years ago not all of them have been looked after. It will be interesting to see what eg Liverpool boats will look like in another 20 or 30 years.
  4. I thought Tawny could float on a damp facecloth ... that's not sitting very far down!.
  5. You do know you can pause live TV if you have a DVR don't you?
  6. http://www.woodburningstoveslimited.com/product/country-kiln-adorne-log-multi-fuel-and-wood-burning-stoves via google search by image.
  7. Last week of May I reckon ... The day after Marple flight reopens.
  8. Oh, and if you go an hour the other way from Barnoldswick you get to Foulridge and we can't recommend the Hare and Hounds enough under it's new owners. You might want to do Foulridge tunnel while you are there so I'd suggest either doing that your short first day or to use up your last part day and night if you are back early.
  9. I agree they can and will shrug off most water, but Alan H has some hairy stories about crossing the Mersey on fully laden shortboats with the waves breaking over the top of the sheets and having to hold his breath for the bigger ones. He doesn't recommend it... Good point. There are a couple of those squirters on the L&L too, and just grit your teeth and wind some more is all you can do with them. Watching fountains filling welldecks is alarming!
  10. Shipley, just after Dock swingbridge. Saltaire Brewery Tap is the other side of the boring looking office block ... just walk in through the brewery gates and turn right. The Hop @ Saltaire in the old tramshed is a must. If you like Turkish food then Ephesus at Rodley is worth going to although it's an hour further towards Leeds than you intend to go.
  11. Speaking as someone who regularly works a variety of boats across the L&L I think you are over thinking this. If your stern doors are so poorly sealed you need tape, fix the seals. If your engine board drains are blocked, clear them. If your welldeck scuppers (drain holes) are too small, make them bigger. @dmr suggested that a cruiser stern might be better than a trad for working locks he freely admits he hasn't done as his boat is too long. I disagree having done them dozens if not hundreds of times. Standing on the step with the doors shut behind you is by far the best way to cope with some of the leaky gates! You can do it with a cruiser stern and good waterproofs, but I prefer it my way. The crucial point is that if you are in danger of swamping the boat while working a lock, you are working the lock wrong. Henhurst lock at Wigan currently has both ground paddles out of action and no baffles on the gate paddles, so working it requires a delicate touch on the windlass. It can still be worked safely but needs a bit of care to do so.
  12. I mostly live on the L&L, and I think a 60x12 is the perfect size for this canal and the rivers. The canal from Wigan to Leeds was built for 62x14 short boats, but lock gates sticking make that size hard work ... Ask @DRP how hard work it can be. It's too wide for the narrow bit of the Rochdale and it's too long for a widebeam to do the Calder & Hebble.
  13. If Ronnie hasn't figured it out yet it's fine ... He is a good painter ?
  14. I have just had it pointed out that I stuffed this up entirely! If anyone wants this deal I can get both of us a £25 Amazon voucher by referring a friend. Ho hum. It was still worth sharing with the forum.
  15. Would you like more boat lifting catastrophe videos?
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. This forum is more a matter of life and deaf ...
  20. Except @rusty69 obviously. We don't think that at all about those posts!
  21. Hoist lift is onto or off a wagon. They use a hydraulic trailer and a tractor on the slipway to take you in and out of the water. That's £125 each way, or £190 for a V bottom that needs extra chocking.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. Depends on the inverter. My old 3kW inverter used to draw about 4A with no load, so we had a 150W cheapo that drew about 0.8A that was on all the time to power small appliances. The new 3kW inverter draws about 1A quiescent so that's good enough for me, and that stays on all the time.
  24. Nah. Just getting you through that top lock on the Ashton was challenging enough. You were going the full Fawlty Towers with those Willow branches.
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