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  1. Added: Crossed posts with @dmr. I think we are both saying the same thing - you will fit if you are both clever and patient! The critical technique is being able to tuck behind a closed gate going up, as that gives you an extra 2 feet or so, but all the Rufford locks are wide so it's fine. You will get wet going down though - make sure you don't let too much water in the back of your boat! Going down, just take your time. The cills are rounded not straight, so you need to to have the bow in a corner and the stern in the middle, but without snagging on anything. If in doubt, close the paddles! For what it's worth, I would do it in a 63ft boat, and if you are doing it before the middle of May drop me a PM and I will come and help if needed.
  2. Rubbish! A local boater used to have a 64ft boat and regularly did Wigan on it. They have been known to ask you to skip a position in the queue if they can share two 57ft boats on the flight, but you will get the next slot or you will share with a (much) shorter boat. To be honest on Wigan Flight there is rarely a boat to share with unless you wait a day or two, so you would be fine. On the Rufford Branch, I have only shared once in all the times I have done it. It is not a busy waterway! At 62ft6in you will need to go in through one open gate and tuck behind the other closed gate, but that is not a complicated thing to do. The published limits are generous for those that don't know the more advanced techniques, so they can just come and go without thinking it through. We have shared a 60ft boat and a 45ft boat up the Calder & Hebble where everyone says you can't get more than 57ft through the locks. I think there were 2 locks we couldn't quite share.
  3. The larger rated fuses will fit in the holder when it blows. Your Sunshine should have internal fusing - mine does!
  4. BY ORDER OF THE DIRECTOR OF CLAYMOORE NARROWBOATS LIMITED PENDING LIQUIDATION ONLINE AUCTION NARROW BOATS, MAINTENANCE TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT Narrowboats Gryphon – 2008 36ft Seated Day Boat constructed by Liverpool Boats, Steel Hull, Thorneycroft T95 Engine Mock Turtle – 2000 36ft Day Boat constructed by Liverpool Boats, Steel Hull, Thorneycroft T95 Engine Beeston Castle – 2004 56ft, 6 Berth constructed by Liverpool Boats, Steel Hull, Beta 43 KC 175A Engine (1,914 hours), Hydraulic Drive Norton Priory – 2000 65ft, 8 Berth Constructed by Liverpool Boats, Steel Hull, Beta 43 KC 175A Engine Consall Forge – 2005 66ft 6in, 10 Berth, Steel Hull, Thorneycroft T95 Engine Tools and Equipment Karcher HDS7/10 4M Pressure Washer Kipor KDE 6700T Diesel Generator 5kVA Dewalt DW706E Mitre Saw, 240v Metabo Elektra Bekum HC260 Planer Thicknesser Metabo Elektra Bekum TKHS 315 Table Saw Power Ring Trade Charger 55T Battery Starter Osaki 24Ltr Compressor Quantity of Tools, Parts, Spares & Accessories View Lots & Bid General Notes Conditions of Sale ••••••• AUCTION VENUE: THE WHARF, PRESTON BROOK, WARRINGTON, WA4 4BA Viewing: Tuesday 26th March 11am – 2pm (By Appointment Only) Closes: Thursday 28th March from 10am Collection: From Tuesday 2nd April 0345 257 2533 View Lots & Bid PLEASE NOTE - WE NO LONGER ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS
  5. Which ones are you thinking of? I can only think of one ...
  6. There was a nice little one for sale on here recently. Came with 30 bags of coal ...
  7. Middlewich has that effect on me too.
  8. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down generator go quiet ... (Due apologies to Mary Poppins!)
  9. Because if like I did you are replacing an inverter, you will already have a megafuse installed. If you are adding one, it needs installing properly.
  10. My old no-name that let the magic smoke out drew 4.5A doing nothing. My Sunshine one draws about 1A - it's rated as 0.8A but there is usually something on charge somewhere, so I just work on 1A as default.
  11. No, I already had a megafuse installed on the circuit to the no-name inverter that the magic smoke came out of a couple of years ago. But yes, you want one installed. The inverter running at 1500W will be pulling about 150A, but it can and will spike to 3000W so around 300A from the batteries. (I always work power usage out at 10V to allow for losses in the inverter and make the maths easy ) I wouls suggest you want a 350A or 400A fuse on that circuit.
  12. Yep, they have a switch that lets them work with RCD devices - I assume it makes or breaks a Neutral-Earth bond internally. They are the latest version of the range. For clarity, I have nothing to do with Sunshine Solar other than being a very satisfied customer who recommends them to boaters who want good kit at low prices, rather than needing the name brands at £££££.
  13. That does make you much easier to ignore! In fairness, I should have specified to ignore those that have only ever had one inverter and are happy with it - all of them will say that their brand is the best for the job. I have had three on this boat and one on the other boat, all different. A good inverter in my book is one that takes juice from the batteries and gives you pure sine wave 230/240V, without bursting into flames. An excellent one is one that you can just leave on 24/7 and not bother about it flattening your battery bank. The only difference having shorepower last week made was that the immersion heater was on - it's not usually connected!
  14. The Sunshine Solar 1500W can spike to 3000W briefly, so will be a doddle with that washing machine. Ignore the people who have never tried the other kit and insist on the big name brands. I have had the 3000W Sunshine in constant use for two years, left on nearly all the time. (It's just had a week off as we were on free shorepower in Liverpool until 8 this morning )
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. The old one was a low frequency inverter (big transformer inside) and came with the boat. It ate about 4A when switched on doing nothing. When it blew up I replaced it with a Sunshine Solar 3000W high frequency inverter (small transformer and some fancy electronics, pure sine wave) that is switched on 24/7. It's off at the moment because we are in Liverpool, so get free electric hookup - it's the first time in 2 years I have plugged the boat into shorepower, and the last time was here too! The washing machine and the immersion heater are getting a good workout. It's rated at 3000W continuous, and can surge to 6000W briefly for motor start. It happily runs my 2200W electric chainsaw or my 2500W chopsaw - I don't have a 3000W load to use it with! I suspect your Victron will be a low frequency inverter without fancy power management, which was all that was available a few years back. https://www.sunshinesolar.co.uk/catshow/Pure_Sine_Wave_Inverters_12V/PureSineWave12V.html Watch the offers on that page if you like the look of them - they always have something on offer, and it changes every month or so. I think the 3000W was on sale at £300 last month.
  17. That's what I used to do with ours - a patch lead from the baby inverter to the shorepower socket, and flick the switch over to that one. I only used "Big Bertha" for short bursts when running heavy duty tools or the washing machine. When "Big Bertha" blew up I just replaced it with a large inverter that only sips amps when not doing much and gave the small inverter away.
  18. You'll soon be able to upgrade to a Beta at this rate
  19. I can only assume he read the bit about no drilled holes and then stopped reading! Personally I'd drill and bolt it, make it gas tight so the locker can only leak out of the drainholes and if necessary pick a different BSS inspector.
  20. And that of every BSS inspector ever to look at my boat which has bolts through the gas locker into the welldeck.
  21. Up to the level of the top of the cylinder valves, or other high‐pressure components where these are higher, the bottom,sides, and seams of every cylinder locker must be free of any: • holes, e.g. caused by drilling, rust or cutting; or , • cracks, splits or de‐laminations; or, • missing or damaged welds at seams; or, • other signs of damage or deterioration… …. that can be determined by visual examination to penetrate the locker to the interior of the vessel. So if you drill a hole and seal it gas tight with a bolt and sealant/paint, it is not a hole anymore.
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