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  1. Thanks for that, I'm intending giving Dave a call this week sometime, it will take a wee bit of organising this end but is certainly achievable. We were intending this year but obviously won't be happening, thanks again. Thanks everyone for the replies, I do miss the camaraderie of the canals, cheers.
  2. Thanks for your replies, had a look at ETRR and emailed them and awaiting a reply. We may need to change our our months to April, May and June but will wait and see what prices we can get back from ETRR.
  3. Hi folks. We are looking to hire a narrowboat either company or private for a 3 month hire- June, July and August 2021. We are experienced narrow boaters with 18 years syndicate experience which we had to give up as we now live in the Canary Islands. We would now like to return to the canals for 3 months. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Regards and stay safe. Willie and Helen (formerly NB Buccaneer)
  4. Thanks for that Hudds Lad will have a look on boatshare......
  5. Good morning all I have a 4% 2 week Spring/Summer share on a 62' narrowboat, we are currently managed by a company and are going self managed end of Feb 2018, we therefore cannot sell through management company after Feb 2018, and are looking for recommendations in how to sell our share online as we are offering the share at £1000 which in my eyes is a bargain as the boat has been well looked after. Our reason for selling is we are relocating abroad next year. Many thanks.
  6. Same with me, my contract ran out a year ago, sim only one plan £15/month 2000mins plus inlimited data and tethering, "never gonna give you up"
  7. Toatally agree as I have done that stretch many times, it was only if they didn't have the time.
  8. If it's any help to you I have done the FCR in a hire boat quite comfortably in a week doing 8 hour days with a crew of 3 starting at Nantwich, we never really had any hold ups but on the last day we cruised for 10 hours to allow us to get back comfortably on the last afternoon. I have also done the Llangollen comfortably in a week from Nantwich again with a crew of 3, one thing to note as other people have said is that Grindley Brook staircase can get a bit congested with sometimes a bit of canal rage thrown in. You should turn at Trevor basin at the other side of the "Pontywotsic aqueduct" as it gets very narrow towards Llangollen, hope that helps.
  9. I downloaded Satellite AR from the google play store, it will show you where in the sky the Astra satellite is and all you need to do is some fine tuning with the sat finder.
  10. Never got one, both of them sold out never got there on time. No canal boats in my neck of the woods so it must have been caravanners.
  11. Yip you have hit the nail on the head, I have anti slip paint, would love to replace the suction cup with a magnet. Incidentally Martyn from Travelsat is sending me a magnetic sheet, but would much prefer a powerful magnet.
  12. As Chimneychain says splice the ends it's not that difficult, or another alternative is to use electrical insulating tape wrapped tightly where you will cut the rope with a very sharp blade, worked for me when I was salmon farming up here in Scotland and always stayed in place even in salt water, so give that a try.
  13. Going early tomorrow morning to my local Aldi to buy a Satellite kit for my narrowboat, went down earlier today to be told that they only have 2 in stock for sale tomorrow morning, I'll be in the queue from 7.30am. Does anyone on the forum have any idea where I could source a magnetic sheet to stick to the roof of my boat so that the dish can suction onto it, I previously had one but lost it over the side. Thanks in advance for the help.
  14. I will be boating in this area in the summer and looking to buy the cruising guide preferably Pearsons, could someone let me know which guide I need for my visit, many thanks.
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