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  1. Shhhhhh... That's supposed to be a secret!
  2. And you call yourself a conspiracy theorist? In actual fact, the Bahamian island was originally purchased by Howard Hughes who let the US NASA use it to fake the moon landings. Hughes thought that the government would ultimately move all of their atomic bomb testing from Nevada to his island, but Nixon had problems of his own and was unable to deliver so Hughes had some cryo-tanks installed and then gave the island to Elvis on the condition that he keep the electrical system for the cryo-tanks up and running. Elvis retired to the island when he decided it was time to get out of the public eye, and he has invited a number of celebrities to join him when they decided they had had enough of the paparazzi. All of this is very well documented, if you are willing to do the research.
  3. Are you ever gullible........ Everyone knows he bought a private island in the Bahamas and they're living there.
  4. That does make a difference! I was going by what the OP said, along with my own experience of boats as money pits. "Electrical systems set up for using only shore power. No systems in place for power generation at all whilst cruising. 240v fridge, water heater etc."
  5. Are the boat owners aware of the situation? If the stranded Yanks need a call placed to the boat owners in the US, I'd be happy to make a call for them if someone would pm the number to me. ETA, I'm assuming there is either a land line in the Colorado condo or that the Americans have a friend that could go to their condo and either talk to the boat owners or leave a note on the door.
  6. Seriously? Just for starters, according to the OP, the boat has no electrical system other than shore power. The needed electrical system alone would cost more than £1000 for the parts.
  7. You know how kids are, they all express their talents in different ways. Birds sit on 20,000 Volt power lines and live to tell about it. Rats and possums frequently walk across those same high power lines with no adverse effects. I think you need to brush up on electrical theory before you put too much more of your cred on the line.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. This is one of my babies, Nengwe, hard at work at the keyboard. She actually does most of the posting for me here. Otherwise, left to my own devises, I'd surely have been banned long ago.
  10. On two occasions my house got real bad flea infestations. When this happened, two different cats displayed the same behavior you are describing. Try walking around the boat whilst wearing white socks, no shoes, and see what jumps on your feet and ankles. If it is fleas and they get on you, a cotton ball wet with rubbing alcohol kills the little critters right quick.
  11. I never said it was true, just that it is what CRT might come up with in regards to admitting the license they issued for this year is good. The two years before - ????
  12. Search this site for "Peppermint Pig". I remember seeing some build photos a while back on here.
  13. I may be a wrong as can be, but I'm going to hazard a guess about what is going to happen next. Nothing! If CRT sends you a new license now, it would be an admission that they somehow cocked-up in regards to the first license they sent you. If they just now take the position, "We already sent you a license, it's valid, use it and quit being a thorn in our side.", then they can just pretend like the last three months never happened. I can see CRT saying something like, "Tadworth had a license. There was a misunderstanding about the license issue but we never prevented Tadworth from navigating. We tried to resolve the issue as quickly and amicably as we could, but it was difficult because Tadworth's owner was uncooperative." Time will tell.....
  14. It's part of the new Lend Lease program. Obama sent it over in case Brexit passes and the predicted invasion happens. When you unfurl the mizzen sail there's big letters that say "This is all you get!" Not that Obama wants to influence the vote or anything....
  15. The big question, then, is has SWMBO inspected the job and is she happy?
  16. Those flex lines aren't real good at making 90 degree bends. If you can find a cap to screw on the existing T fitting and then install a new T fitting on the other side, that would probably be the best and easiest thing to do.
  17. That boat is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the link! I'm going to contact Whilton marina right now and make an offer. just kidding.......... It is a nice looking boat, though!
  18. If by "ducting" you mean "conduit" then you are completely wrong. What you are calling sheathed cable should not be used inside conduit. The only wires you want inside conduit are individual, insulated cables. It's a heat dissipation thing. 240V and 12V should not be run in the same conduit, if for no other reason than to avoid confusion. I spent many years working as an electrician on residential and commercial buildings. If I were going to wire a boat, I'd hire a marine electrician to do the wiring. If you want to skimp on the fitout, skimp on stuff that doesn't have the potential to burn your boat down.
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  20. Paul G2


    Carl, I'm in the same boat as you, no pun intended. The day comes that we all have to admit that we simply aren't capable of the exertion we were 20 or even 5 or 10 years ago. So here's my take. Get something like: Then put some davits on the stern of your Freeman 30 and hang your wooden boat restoration project from them. That's my two pence worth.
  21. Happy Birthday Bettie!!!! Here's hoping you have many, many more!
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  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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