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  1. trouble is, a government that made no plans to cover their worst possible option (which was losing the vote) is just as bad
  2. if that applies to the government ......... I fear you are correct
  3. No greenies left Mark, (How can I have run out when I have only just got up?)
  4. except they are statistics ...... and surely you know the mantra lies, damned lies and statistics. one of the reasons for the difference in performance before joining the EU had very little to do with non membership it was far more to do with the Marshal plan and Britain's war debt and the general disaster area that was Britain's industries
  5. they might have been "in" government but they were outside the official government organisation which was an "in" organisation
  6. Your examples don't really apply. this was not a case of one group or person "winning" but a unconnected mass of people with widely divergent political stances opposing an organised group (the government) The Brexiters were individuals or small pressure groups without the organisation capable of making plans for a government
  7. If not taken back control, at least put the elite on warning
  8. I wish it was possible to give multiple greenies
  9. Or believe free movement of people, is so damaging, that it is worth not having access to the single market
  10. John V

    Moving on

    I know we have sometimes been on the opposite ends of an argument but I believe we have always agreed to disagree without rancour. I wish you and your family all the very best for the future, Maybe one day I might get to have that pint with you. look forward to your "popping in" John
  11. Yes it must be MP Happy Birthday Patrick
  12. What a silly comment. If you go there and insult people you will get it back in spades, there are no mods to go and complain to and hide behind. If you go there and be reasonable you will get the same in return. You went with an agenda to deliberately cause trouble and you got it back
  13. The place that it is forbidden to mention ? A warm welcome awaits
  14. On the subject of water tanks I thought you might be interested in this photo (from the Ormelite website) This is a picture of the lower half of a Ormelite hull, the water tank can be seen forward and thwartships. It is pretty large, I don't know the capacity but full to empty accounts for about 2" of draft forward. It sits under the Vee berths in the forward cabin Picture by Danny Orme from Ormelite cruisers website
  15. A recent recruit to the Labour front bench, said in parliament. ....... "For 42 years I have, by choice, remained a back bencher. Not my choice ...... my part leaders" Maybe as well, it is a case that many who might be prepared to moderate, are unwilling to enforce current policies, either the written or the (still noticeably) unwritten edit to move a parenthesis
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