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  1. Gas welding it is easy enough. Now you will need a lot bigger nozzle than you think. A no10 for that casting Get some proper ally gas welding flux and some 3.25 4043 rods and your away. I used to weld aluminium irrigation pipes 1.5 mm thick with gas prior to tig and you even needed a no5 for them
  2. There not die cast. Just normal cast aluminium tig weld with pure argon and use a stainless wire brush and use a proper aluminium grinding wheel. And it will weld easy.
  3. Well it’s up to the welder to grind out all the crap, trouble is 90% of them haven’t a clue.
  4. Just try a magnet on it. It looks like cast ally to me itl weld fine
  5. If your nearLincoln Or Newark I can weld it
  6. There was as much work on the transom and rear deck , and swim to get rid of the outboard ,and fit a Enfield leg and d905 Kubota
  7. I’m not interested in looks. Just can’t see the point of getting wet and cold
  8. It was. I gave 3500 for it about 6 years ago it was 22 ft. A nice trailer boat
  9. Crow


    No it was 316. There’s a locked gate at each end of moorings,so Itl not be any passing tealeaf Well I recon there’s more chance of it being somewhere on the Trent ,than in Asda or mc donnolds car park.
  10. Crow


    No it was 316. There’s a locked gate at each end of moorings,so Itl not be any passing tealeaf
  11. Crow


    Well if they asked I’d have made them one
  12. Crow


    If anyone sees my (one off chimney) I’d love to know it’s whereabouts,and the person who took it from my boat ,moored at Torksey lock. Itl be heading Notts way. On Trent or stockworth /keadby Thanks nick
  13. I’ve done all that on a water bug. A bit different I know ,but I fitted z drive first with bellows well out the water and cavitation plate 30 MM under then fitted engine to suit. I fitted z drive transom plate in with a 3 deg angle on to allow for touque steer. It reverses and steers perfect. And them little 3 cyl diesels only sip fuel. I couldn’t keep up with petrol when it had a 20 hp mercury outboard on
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