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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. The existence of legal proceedings which provide the ability to sue is a way of encouraging folk who otherwise wouldn't bother to take the same care that considerate folk don't think twice about. You highlight your pins simply because you wouldn't want anyone to fall over them. Someone else does it to avoid being sued. Same happy result (You're still a nicer person though)
  3. Ah, so adding more batteries to the bank (or replacing with higher capacity) than is strictly necessary could also be a bad thing? Or at least it would be if we don't then charge less frequently? Moral of the story: don't charge every x days if your batteries have capacity to stretch to x+1?
  4. Frankly, that sounds pretty good for Yodel! For me, all the excitement of ordering something shiny over the net drains away when the email pops up saying "your order has been dispatched and will be delivered by Yodel...". You just know it'll arrive at some point the far side of when you needed it. Find a property by postcode? I think they'd have a job finding a lobster in a bucket. Anyways, back on topic, OsmAnd looks quite promising to me!
  5. OK, so I've downloaded it and had a shufty. It does show locks, highlighting them very clearly when zoomed in. There's also a free "nautical " map mode which uses admiralty charts style colours. It'll show points of interest like shops, so is quite handy for displaying where you are and, particularly, what's around you - beyond Nichelson range. Might be a handy new string to the bow. Thanks OP!
  6. And, quick as a flash, here's another of those posts that starts "I have a Sterling.... “! (Just an observation, based on nothing other than reading this forum)
  7. How large is your domestic bank Nick? I have 440Ah, but I chickened out of using my 240v 1800w coffee machine without the engine running when it occurred to me that I'd be drawing 150amps at 12v! My inverter can stand it, but I'm not sure about the batteries.
  8. Or when there's an bleedin' all-round white light in the way...
  9. Funnily enough, I just thought "Crikey, how many pages over a left hand thread? What's there left to say now?!"
  10. It's not time that makes it impossible, you get 24 hours a day and three score and ten (ish) years the same as the rest of us, it's what you're doing with your alloted time! Whatever you do, if you currently think that what you're doing is important, then don't move the boat yourself.... it's addictive! Good luck with the move and I hope you enjoy your new boat.
  11. Could we speak to the person who had an accident in the last 3 years.......
  12. I believe the answer depends on whether you have a mixer valve on the hot water outlet. Safety suggests no more then 60 degrees like the one in houses if it's a direct feed but a mixer valve allows you to have a higher temperature mixed down to a safe level for the taps - which makes it effectively like having a bigger tank of the hot stuff. If you have a mixer, which you probably do, 80 rings a bell... but a fone-bido plumber/heating engineer will be along shortly.
  13. Are you intending to use it in winter cruising Sal? It sounds to me like you might, as opposed to laying up the motor, and the answers may well be different.
  14. Good choice David, I don't think you'll go far wrong with Victron or Mastervolt kit. Buy the best, cry only once. Unfortunately, that's not always affordable, but there's more posts here starting "Help! My Sterling....“ than similar about Victron. Don't even start on the “I've just bought a Chinese wotsit on eBay and...":) There are those who champion separate units for reasons stated, but there are many advantages to a Combi too and, personally, I'm with those who come down on the side of the integrated solution. But then, what do I know: I have electric windows in my car - now there's complexity that's bound to end in tears, apparently.
  15. There are visitor moorings provided, but we are also talking about a public park and a popular recreation area and boats, permanent and visitor, are well provided for just below the park with proper pontoon moorings behind locking gates. I'd suggest you contact Droitwich Council before pitching up rather than risk accidentally falling out with a place that is already very accommodating to boaters.
  16. Quercus was the first Narrowboat we ever experienced in 1987. She was a lovely little thing back then, resplendent in a rather unusual pea soup green, beautifully sign written and with a well appointed back cabin plus a forward saloon which we hardly bothered with. Two of us, a 4 year old, a 3 month old baby and a labrador all had a fantastic week which culminated in our own boat these many years later. The BCN was a tad less shiny back then, definitely more dead dogs and mattresses than any trip since, but it was brilliant! Good old Quercus. Edited to add that she was then running from Sherborne Street Wharf under the Brummagem Boats banner. (It's Brummagem right, as opposed to gen?)
  17. I may be a wee bit ott possibly, but this is precisely why I photograph my Sainsbury bagged pins. It's no hardship to do so I when there's a convenient camera phone in yer pocket and who knows when a time and date stamped photo of "appropriate precautions" may be handy protection against idiots or criminals?
  18. And once all their competitors have gone to the wall...?
  19. That's my experience too, also with blue leds permanently glowing. I also bought some switches to be able to isolate them, but the draw is so small that my BM shows zero discharge so I haven't bothered fitting them. Months later and all is well.
  20. Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a rip off - but I've already got those Nicholson's!
  21. Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a rip off - but I've already got those Nicholson's!
  22. Elsan fresh water tank cleaner. 8 quid so more than bleach or Milton, but once a year it ain't gonna break the bank. As it's peroxide based and cleanses the tank using oxygen, there's no nasty stuff to rinse out or attack seals, etc, and no aftertaste. If you're not sure of your tank, there's also an Elsan fresh water treatment you add a little of now and again through the year too. Edited to add that we drink water directly from our tank cleaned annually with this stuff.
  23. Now that's probably the thing I was asking about, but I've spotted the 49 quid flaw
  24. Ah, well I've got some of those, but the jury's out on whether they're better than Nicholson's. I was always happiest with Nicholson's when the book did a third of the country or whatever, but mine are 80 versions and a wee bit dated even in terms of some canals, let alone pubs and chip shops! I wad thinking e-copy anyway, but thanks for chipping in TC.
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