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  1. No, it's not necessarily that obvious really, as lots of "my washing machine wont work" threads on here will attest. So well done you! Our boat had a brand new, unused Zanussi automatic washer fitted by the previous owner when we're bought her. It lit up, but wouldn't do anything more whether on inverter or shore supply. Unfortunately, the warranty had expired and the cost of a site visit from a washing machine mechanic would have outweighed it's limited value to me. Since it would have been all but impossible to get in out of the boat in one piece, I stripped it and skipped it. Expeditious, but ouch! We have a lovely little twin tub now, btw.
  2. No, I don't ignore that fact - I absolutely recognise it. I did say in my tongue in cheek post that I was told off for being a bit cynical about SSSIs and did not claim it was wrong that I was. So, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying SSSIs are a bad thing, honest. Nevertheless, my tongue in cheek observation stands and your own example illustrates my point rather well, don't you think? Actually, it's probably good to highlight that the appearance of SSSIs might sometimes belie their true import. Maybe those responsible for the site ought to do this themselves with interpretation boards or the like? Anyway, what do I know - I'm a bloke who thinks the Montgomery is one of the most overrated stretches of our network! I've seen more wildlife in a tramp's vest...
  3. The long haired Admiral tells me off for being a bit cynical about SSSIs, but it appears to me there's usually less flora and fauna in those hallowed stretches than is average for the cut. Perhaps it's an expectation management thing, but when I see SSSI's marked on the map I can't help but think "there'll be nowt there then"!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Think positive - look on it as a potential opportunity to upgrade to separate charger and inverter...
  6. Handy to know, thanks 👍
  7. Hallelujah! I thought it was just me...! Letting someone 60' away from you, who has no control, jump from a part of the boat you can't see, onto something you can't see, across a gap you can't see doesn't seem an entirely well thought out course of action to me.
  8. Probably ought to add steerer's experience to that list. The more you practice, the luckier you seem to get at these things.
  9. Plus, someone else's choices, frequently in the case of a good builder, will often turn out to be the right compromise for reasons you'll discover as you live with them. Narrowboats are all about compromise IMHO.
  10. From CRT's latest (July) Boaters' Update: Please help us by displaying your boat’s index number, licence and name Most boats correctly display their index number licence and boat name, but recently we have started to see an increase in those that don’t. It’s important to display your boat’s details so that in the event of an accident or problem with the boat, we can identify and contact the boater concerned. It also reduces the time spent by our boat licence rangers, who lose time when trying to identify non-displaying boats. If we can’t identify your boat, we aren’t able to accurately record sightings and this may impact on future licensing decisions, particularly if you don’t have a home mooring.
  11. He's already gone past Laurie, but for future reference I presume you are referring to Oxley on the Staffs & Worcs side before the stop lock? (Just so there's no confusion with Wolverhampton Boat Club on the Shroppie side a mile past the stop lock who do welcome visitors to their bar from 8pm Wed, Fri & Sat, but don't sell diesel to the public).
  12. Might be worth a quick check on the snowflake purposes. Are you sure it's not for very cold weather and/or AGM batteries? The multi stage CTek charger are purpose designed to keep smaller capacity and larger capacity batteries in good condition for long periods using the motorcycle and car settings respectively.
  13. Well then, like you, I'd not be entirely comfortable with doing that. I considered it worth a go as it ought to be more forgiving with bare metal hand prep as mentioned above. That said, it doesn't cost a lot more than many bitumen based products, so some will consider it worth a slosh over their bitumen blacking I suppose. Time will tell.
  14. Mine's the same Jen. Whilst my solar tended to the domestics for the many months my boat was unattended in lockdown, the starter battery was isolated as always when I leave and it sat there fat, dumb and happy with just a tiny bit of self discharge. I have a CTek indicator connection which was flashing yellow when we eventually returned, but the engine started first time and the starter battery topped back up none the worse for the neglect. Canal boat starter batteries have an easy life.
  15. I don't think the idea is that it goes on top of bitumen, rather that it does not react if there are any traces left after hand prep rather than SA2.5 blasting. Certainly that was the level of prep I understood was required and aimed for.
  16. I have. Last summer I used 2 coats of Ballastic Epoxy on a throughly hand prepped hull, followed by 2 coats of Jotun 90 as recommend by SML. When I read Jotun's own blurb about how surface tolerant 90 was I wondered why I'd needed the SML, but perhaps it's more resistant to any residual bitumen. My hull looked excellent when the job was completed, and it had over a week to cure before it went back in the water. I'll know more definitively next year as my plans to have her out to check the hull this year were overtaken by events, but I'd say that the epoxy is not as resilient to the inevitable bumps and scrapes as the Rylards bitumen products I previously used. I have picked up some chalky marks from less damaging scrapes, but also some rusty gashes from things like sticky out wrong way round bolts in lock gates and dodgy Armco at lock landings. Grrr. If I did it again I'd also not have used Vactan in the prep as (as @TheBiscuits pointed out) I think it may be a weaker bond with the hull than the epoxy would have been, so that's a niggling doubt I have. Jotun seem to suggest that a bit of light residual rust or gingering isn't a problem for 90. Another plus point for Jotun 90 is that it's still black where most epoxies, including SML it appears, tend to go off grey. Maybe not quite as settled an opinion as you were hoping for, but I hope the above is useful. Turn up with a scraper, a brush and a bucket of enthusiasm when she's next out of the water and I'll generously allow you to gain some hands on experience...
  17. Still plenty of width above Northwich and lots of tranquility too. Winsford would be too much of a stretch for me in the time you have, but why not time yourself outwards and return when the string runs out?
  18. £220 over 8 years looked like good value ... 'til you took it out of the box. On the bright side, I've fitted 3 separate Victron units and things only got even better after they came out of their boxes, so let's hope your blue experience is similar to mine.
  19. I doubt you'll be anything less than very happy with that charger. If ever you find yourself wishing you had more than 30a charging current, which is very unlikely, you have an alternator.
  20. I have a Bluesmart Solar Controller and a Bluesmart IP22 30a charger. The Bluetooth functionality and the info it provides via the app is great on the Solar Controller, but for the Charger it brings nothing to the table that the lights on the front don't do If you can find the earlier model IP22 charger (Blue Power, was it?) without Bluetooth, you'll save yourself a few quid for no loss in performance or functionality. IMHO, of course. The IP22 charger is a very good bit of kit in my experience (and I was an early adopter, so I've had it a good while), covering all my12v shore power and charging needs in a pretty well appointed 57' NB.
  21. Not without some thought and not just a default to that lower voltage neither - not daft those folk at Victron.
  22. It may be 'in vogue' but it's also 'in effective'!
  23. Both of you bring interesting and helpful information to the forum, so I for one would be grateful if you'd carry on pretty much as before. Whilst I didn't visit for quite a while recently when the continual bickering seemed to be at a peak, it would be a shame to lose your valuable input because some folk are overly argumentative or plain rude. A most unfortunate side to the internet that, isn't it.
  24. Anyway, to come back to the OP's query: are you all sorted and happy with your planning now @Videris (not @vedavis as I got first!)
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