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  1. We might be happy to lose a tenner in order not to have a stinky boat every time we cooked though, eh? Certainly worth trying the upside down 2 seconds burst idea first I think, then that bottle would be history.
  2. Forty quid, near as makes no difference.
  3. OBE: Other Buggers' Efforts MBE: My Bloody Efforts
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Ooh, if they can make that much off canoodlers, imagine what they could charge for a narrowboat...
  6. Your system sounds complicated, vulnerable and overkill. Why filter shower waste water that's going overboard? If you're going to replace it, why not just go with a gulper pumping from the shower waste trap directly overboard. Reliable pump, simple plumbing.
  7. Sea Dog

    Gaily Lock

    Notification just received from CRT that Brick Kiln Lock is "fixed" and back in operation.
  8. Sea Dog

    Gaily Lock

    I think the more accepted method is known as belt and braces...
  9. The cafe just down the road a bit (on the old railway line) post dates Brindley by quite some time, but don't let that put you off if you're in search of being impressed at The Bratch - they do a smashing breakfast.
  10. But don't sit there when reversing. If the rudder hits something, the tiller will be force over hard and you might be in the way. It's a bad thing I tell ye!
  11. Hammerite I'd agree. Andy Russell's stuff I used to use (no longer available) and the Leyland stuff I've had on the past year, not so much. The inevitable scrapes are simple to touch up, particularly if you don't wait til it's gone rusty. Ah, that's a shame, it was good stuff. Andy Russell's dropped off the market before covid - quite likely cos it was 50 quid a tin!
  12. Most likely 2 full length lockers doubling up as bench seats.
  13. One choice is a direct to metal type paint as it's simple to touch up. Andy Russell Gunwale Paint was a popular choice, but in it's absence I've used Leyland direct to metal in satin black. Actually, I think I prefer it and its a lot cheaper.
  14. To be fair though Rob, they have to go for the lowest common denominator, so in that light it's not an unreasonable statement. Easier to give them a smile and a thumbs up than get wrapped round the axle about them not assessing individual skill levels of every boater before choosing what information to give.
  15. Trouble is, so did everyone else's!
  16. I suppose everyone can get a bit frustrated with their other half now and again, but reaching for the cat-o-nine-tails is rarely an acceptable answer nowadays.
  17. It might be a mistake to think that zero displacement will get you a discount on your licence...
  18. Not a bet I'd take. I moor not too far away and have yet to encounter any on the 21, so I'd be interested to hear if there are some.
  19. It's not 'cos they're grown ups - it's 'cos the Chief Engineer would kick their a$$ if they misused the thruster...
  20. Indeed. I've not had work done in the yard, but always stop at their shop & chandlers when I pass and give them whatever business I might have. I hope they recover from this awful setback.
  21. I think there's merit in what you say at some level, but I'd be worried to know that someone who can't immediately grasp that concept without pictures might be at the helm of any boat, particularly a large one.
  22. My Vetus 55kg has the central nut. I found a blade missing when out for blacking, so I replaced the plastic prop with a new genuine Vetus one. Easily done by wedging the prop whilst the central nut is freed. However, neither the old pin nor the new one were shear pins. Both were solid stainless which, if yours is the same, would mean your diagnosis may need a rethink.
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