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  1. Hmm, I'm not so sure about that re the fashionable crosses. Someone was telling me the other day that these are now typed into F1, F2, etc, hybrids, which seems to me to be just as selectively bred as a pedigree. I'm sure someone here knows more about this subject.
  2. With a picture on one side? I think you'll find that's a jigsaw and you'll need to find a toy shop, not a DIY shed!
  3. So your telling us that 2 sawbucks is a Bobby? (Bobby Moore - score)
  4. I wouldn't pay to change my dog into a small horse whatever her chip said. Too much work and cost involved in keeping a horse.
  5. Gotta say they look good, but then there didn't look to be anything amiss with my bus window that was leaking. Capillary action doesn't take much of a gap - but if that is your problem Captain Tolly's will work for you, albeit somewhat temporarily. At least you'll know either way then, eh.
  6. Same frames as I have - Caldwell's I believe. My boats previous owner had also added silicone in the corners, but water drains out from there, not in. I took the manky looking silicone out and my portholes don't leak. Where I have had small leaks on a frame, Captain Tolly's and a strip of electrical insulation tape does the job til the weather is ok. I then took the frame out and replaced the old boatbuilder's gobber with closed cell foam strip as often recommend and additionally used a mastic bead to seal any gap left between the frame and the paintwork. A few years later, when that leaked again, I used automotive butyl rubber strip. Job done. (If you use butyl, don't think it needs to be warm to stretch, compress or stick, cos it goes claggy and gets more difficult to do a decent job - if anything it's better to apply a bit cold.)
  7. Why don't you just move onto the water and let this friend make his own life-changing decisions? The best way you can assist him in making such a big decision without twisting his arm is to let him see first hand how you get on.
  8. I'll give you first refusal when it's time to hang up our windlasses...
  9. I'd suggest that, for the average boat in the average marina, £3k per annum won't be too far wide of the mark as a round figure for a working estimate.
  10. In that case, we have a rather posh LeCreuset stove top whistling kettle. 1.1 litres, all hob types (including induction for those with wide beams ). Cost (iirc) about 14 quid from TKMaxx - 10 years later it's still good as new.
  11. Are you sure it's not damp? Check the cable and base connection before you replace the expensive aerial - water ingress plays havoc with aerial runs.
  12. If whoever put those cable entries on made as poor a job of the sealing as he made of making the cable runs look tidy and snag proof, your problem is likely to be there!
  13. I carry self amalgamating tape for that (and other jobs).
  14. More rude to those who routinely slow down (me, for example) was the guy with not one, but 3 "tick over" signs on the side of his boat passing my on line mooring probably at the highest speed I've witnessed. There's a lot of competition for the fastest boat to pass our mooring (fortunately I know how to set spring lines), but this hypocrite took the biscuit!
  15. Can't think "John who drives the boat" would have put up with whatever todge up is going on in the gas locker!
  16. Sea Dog


    Fairy snuff.
  17. Sea Dog


    I think you'll find that's a hogget.
  18. Yes, and the industrial quantities of pellets required would be a great excuse to add a butty!
  19. You need to get out more...
  20. Nearly bought some strawberries today in Asda. Then noticed they'd come all the way from .... Australia!! WTF?! I guess this is one of the huge benefits of our post Brexit trade deal with Australia. We bought Shropshire raspberries instead which, since we're on the Shroppie, I thought reasonable enough. I'll bet Bruce and Sheila aren't finding Shropshire raspberries on the shelves in Wogga Wogga's Supermarket though, eh?
  21. Trouble with those is that the first windy day after buying them they end up in someone else's garden...
  22. Been there - very impressive and well kept they are too. Unfortunately, I didn't examine them closely enough to help with your questions.
  23. My large (600 X 300) tiles are stuck on with Vitcas 300c silicone and "grouted" with normal white silicone, which is good to about 200c. This because my original tiles used tile cement and were coming loose. If I did it again, I'd probably use Envitograf (1200c) silicone I did my stove top collar with. Not because the tiles get hot (they don't with a metal heat shield on the back of my stove and a decent air gap) but because it's so much nicer to use and easier to get a great finish that the horribly sticky, hard to work Vitcas stuff.
  24. And that mating call suggests that it may be more likely to mount you than the other way around!
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