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  1. there are some great peeps in the narrow boating world .you think so ....rickent ..well let me tell you .there are just as many horrible nasty people you will ever want to meet .in it as well ..so i would say to you my friend .just enjoy the times your allowed to enjoy .and leave the rest that you dont enjoy outside your boat ...and cruise on and on and on and on o9h and rnjoy
  2. oh ok then in that case , i have no idea as to why ..they would do that i always ask if they mind and in all the year not one as said they mind ,but then i have never been right up there back side
  3. one reason is if its out there in the sticks it maybe a good thing i dont mind any one morring near myself not right next to me 50 yards away maybe its a good security at times
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. haza

    hi athy could you please remove all trace of my stuff for sale please ...thanks

    1. Athy



         Thank you for your message. It sounds as if you have sold everything, which I'm pleased to hear. It's quite late now and I'm about to turn in but I'll see to it tomorrow.

      Best wishes,


    2. haza


      no i have not sold any thing not to any one on canalworld i am just so sick of the snide remarks thanks for your time on this .just leave them there to take them down would be like a victory to them regards 

  6. hi what a nasty thing to say i owe you £50 if i had known the the cost off putting right i would never had brought the thing how would you like it back and i have a refund 

    1. Markinaboat


      there was nothing wrong with it and you know it! Almost new, pinhole!??


      I now think your one of life's chancers, you should have been a double glazing salesmen, would've made a fortune.


      As you can guess, I'm very upset at your voicemail, text and attitude. I'm saddened as I really thought you were one of the rare breed of 100% genuine people. That upsets more than anything else. Yes I'm over-sensitive but the fact that my daughter was stabbed 22 times doesn't help, just makes me wary of people generally and when I trust AND respect someone who then verbally attacks me when I've been nothing than genuine and honest (and a soft touch), then it hurts.


      In spite of all of that, I wish you well and good health.

    2. haza


      sorry for your loss i truely am ...almost new .theres a pin hole in the pot but i dont expect you to do anything abt that thats my problem .as for one of lifes chancers lol a chancer that travels all that way and buys some thing in good faith ..its you who is the chancer i think .maybe i should have put it on canal world that the fire needs a refurb and was not fit for purpose but hey thats my problem certainly not yours it was brought as seen .you even said your self youhad never seen it working .i wonder why it was taken oput in the first place ..wanting a coal fire instead dont wear really maybe it was becuse of the pinhole ..the pot needs to be drilled out and replaced ..why not ask the person you brought it off maybe they will tell you .but hey you think what you want ...i wish i had said something now ..but thats not my style ...unlike your style.and like you i wish you good .lifes a bitch it truely is  goodbye no need to reply ,,in less you want to put some snide on that site feel free 

  7. well if we dont laff we would cry but its made me feel a bit better thanks
  8. the last fire they had there .they where shouting to quasimodo jump jump pointing to is hump ..what do you think this is a parachute ..in bad taste sorry
  9. couple of years ago there was a boat on the shroppie ccrs who had chickens ,just like mrsmelly said ,in a nice coop half the lenth of the boat .this was not in any way causing the walkers on the towpath or bike riders any problems .they said the only problem they had was with the dog walkers mainly those with jack russells and terriers .i got to say they where very much cared for .and laid eggs often
  10. haza

    TV sets

    bush smart 32 inch dvd from argos £200 dvd
  11. off course he does hes a boater ..i have been a boater 20 years .so i am good .but good at what ?
  12. well one dont have to comment on every thing one reads .just the ones they do ,but then again i could be wrong .thats my excuse and i am sticking with it ..brexit ,whats that ??never heard of it
  13. no mike i did not .read all of it . but to be honest i got board with it .like i do with most of the long threads on here ,i read maybe the first 5/6 and maybe the last 5/6 and thats me done ..if any one thinks thats bad of me .tough .just saying ..so mike do you read everything thats put up on here then ??
  14. 12 pages of lock keepers .come on they are not all bad .
  15. something else to moan about i surpose
  16. enjoy, for your first voyage it went very well ..it will only get better ..and better ..but not all days go to plan and expect the unexpected .but every day is a school day .enjoy
  17. haza

    reflek flame

    well the one i am using is abt 5 years old .and maybe cost less then £40 ,it maybe on the way out as it makes awful racket ..as for the questions about theses fires i could not answer ,as i know nothing abt them .just to say i am very very happy with mine ..well i am at the moment ..
  18. haza

    reflek flame

    i put my eco fan on the reflek ,i thought it was going to take off .and it was making an awful noise .so what sort of fan would i need orare they not for this sort of fire
  19. haza

    reflek flame

    well 69 it does feel a tad strange .but i will just have to live it lol
  20. haza

    reflek flame

    just lit the reflek fire for the first time myself .oh very nice
  21. haza

    reflek flame

    yes they have been around ages , and yes i love coal and wood burners ,but after 20 years of making the fire up, cleaning ash and wiping dust away ,,,but the game changer for me was .some weeks back when we had that nice 3/4 days of nice weather .i was cleaning the fire .and as the sun was coming though the windows high lighting all the dust and ash particles in the air ...if it was not from the fire ,,it may have been from no house ,,boat work for 20 years . the fire as been on now nearly 8 hours on number 1 setting and its feels great ..not that i needed it on with this nice weather ..but new toys and all that ....
  22. have a look at rust bullit great stuff
  23. haza

    reflek flame

    just to say i brought this of some one off this site and i have to say a big thank you to them also .thanks for a great deal ..
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