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  1. And bang went one of our porthole windows this week. No evidence of damage prior to this, no sign of vandalism nor a particulaly hot day. Just went into many small pieces. Guess this happens occasionally.
  2. very similar experience few days ago on T&M near Swarkstone. Basically just food taken and bit of damage from forcing entry. Police attended. Just an alert for others in case they are still in the area.
  3. believe the flight is now open again.
  4. From the original Question based on the replies some contact with suppliers/distributors and further searching, I have decided not to venture along the drop in lithium route. The problems re low temperature charging and reading that the life span of the batteries may (unless very very carefully managed,) in reality be far less than advertised have strongly influence the change of heart. Seems to me that the drop in versions for narrow-boat usage have a bit to go yet till they are a true drop in replacement.
  5. Thank you for the wide and thoughtful exportation of this. I see some similar discussion fro the RV world although most USA focused. The you-tube video is a good coverage also. I do plan to raise some of the issues highlighted i.e. the charging aspects with the company who supplies these. My set up is a bank of 5 for the domestic: beta 43 with the higher powered 12v alternator for the domestic batteries, 3 x 110w solar panels with a MPPT and a sterling 3500w inverter/charger (which can be adjusted for the charge rate- looks like the Gel setting is closest) So as current bank is fading but not yet gone have a bit more thinking time.
  6. I am looking at replacing our deteriorating normal lead acid battery bank with Lithiums. I have discovered the Ultramax LiFePO4 Battery: 12V 100Ah https://www.batterymasters.co.uk/lithium-phosphate-batteries/ultramax-lifepo4-battery-12v-100ah-replace-sla-12v-100ah-with-4-times-cycle-life-lighter-weight-charger-included.html Any experience of these or ideas would be welcomed. I have some caution in progressing as they are cheaper than the other similar lithium replacements available. thanks
  7. Update on 02/11/2016: The boat has now been removed and the lock has been reopened again. from CRT
  8. Thanks amber appeared latter yesterday but now in same situation with 8 others at Junction lock at start of the river Wreaked section .
  9. At Belgrave lock level still at red but has fallen some boats are moving others like us still waiting. Not sure if best to move or to wait.
  10. For info River Soar at Belgrave lock area back in the red so await to see if falls in the morning.
  11. Hi I'm currently fitting a Morso chimney deck Plate supplied with the with the purpose made Morse chimney system (part number 62908511). The instructions say "Locating the deck plate - Use a suitable non silicon based water tight sealant on the deck of the craft before locating the deck plate." most sealants for simiIar situations I seem to find are silicone based. What would be peoples suggestions??, I suspect this will not get very hot as is an insulated system. I have used Sikaflex®-EBT in other setting do you think this is OK for this job? I thought i had seen this question in a previous topic but I failed to find it when searching so apologies if already covered previously thanks Keith
  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. On balance I think I will go with the manufactures recommendations. Cheers
  13. Just close to fixing in a shower tray, the instructions say to set it on mix of fine sand and cement (even on ply) to cover the total area of the tray and not to use silicone, foams, mastic insulation compounds adhesives as an alternative. What are others experiences. I appreciate the instruction relate to a domestic situation and not sure if this is directly transferable to the narrow-boat environment.
  14. Hi I note its the 75lt CALORIFIER that has 22mm feed and outlet for the domestic water whilst the 55lt version has the 15mm so i guess the choice of CALORIFIER is the influencing factor? so addition views on best CALORIFIER size?
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