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  1. Am interested in finding out rough costs of electricity at a marina-I pay £15 per 100 units which I think is ok but want to make sure I am paying enough as the owner hasn’t put this up over the last few years and I don’t want to make him out of pocket...
  2. Cheers mate i figured it would be something like that and to some extent I agree but feel that a different solution would be more helpful but then I bet people would leave it unlocked - people always do.... environmental agency could put a lock on it that opens with the keys we use to access other things on the canal and river like the locks but those boxes are often left unlocked- it’s a shame thanks
  3. Does anyone know who has put a padlock on the gate giving access to Asda? we moored our boat to go shopping as per usualthis morning and had to climb over the fence which is doable but difficult as we are oap’s this ia all wrong we have always gone through this gate.
  4. Steel shell with windows, vents and insulation ready installed was delivered to the boatyard 5years ago - the rest of the fit out is my own and has taken a long long time to complete lol couple of bits left for the engine and is finally ready to go in so it’s either brand new or 5 yrs old I guess you can take your pick. I have been living in it for the last three years in the yard. none of the other windows are in direct line of full sunlight at midday on the hottest day ever ?
  5. Hi it’s not really a problem- I have a smart tv and, as yet, no aerial of any kind so I just watch the odd tv series via bbc I player using my mobile data device which has only 15gig of data. i bought a portable sat dish set up but then decided I will probably be better off with an ordinary aerial and freeview as the boat will be moving a lot and to keep searching for satellites is beyond my limited knowledge of technology lol my mobile contract runs out in September and I believe that there’s a lot of really good data deals out there...so am just waiting till then. i pay £42 a month for my phone and the dongle there’s 1gig on my phone and 15 on the dongle- I hours iplayer uses 1 gig so I don’t get to watch much lol to be fair I don’t have a lot of time anyway and in the summer I prefer to sit outside ( I’ve never really been a fan of tv some good stuff on nowadays though...) winter evenings though really need a good film occasionally
  6. ?well once again you have given your best and most amusing replies to my OP - emotions ranging from muttered eff’sandb’s for the instant assumption that it had to be anything but the heat when I just KNEW it was - to a lol for VERA- I may even watch this now if I ever get my internet up and running.....never have so far lol... After close inspection by local Columbo all panes in the big windows have edge faults (the port circles are ok) so I will b replacing as and when hopefully with double glazing so at least if it happens again it should only affect the outside pane. Hercule Poirot sez no missiles found in my bed or in the room or anywhere else so his money is still on “zee eat” lol Which is not a relief really as it seems to me the danger hasn’t yet passed wot with all the others - feel like am under fire in here ?
  7. And nothing else either damaged or stolen. Just weird.
  8. Crane driver a hundred miles away today and nothing found inside cabin that could have been a missile also no access to other side of river here... 100% positive this was not an outside job lol! So only “almost “ unheard of..... i think there must have been a flaw in the glass- absolutely crappy windows anyway no wonder they went bust., All doors wide open can’t see anyone bothering to either break a window or then crawl through it? Boatyard is pretty secure here and no one seen on cctv.
  9. Mmm- just as I thought but if so why not the others? And why not in winter when it’s freezing outside and toasty warm inside? and is it going to do it again after new glass fitted? Surrounded by other boats and am the only one this happened to. But then mine is the only steel boat here..
  10. It’s the hottest day of the year as I’m sure you all know lol I nipped to the supermarket at 12.30 today and returned at 1.30 to find my bedroom window had imploded leaving glass everywhere - anyone know why this happened? They are Worcester windows, unfortunately single glazed but that’s another tale...just a basic sheet of glass in a frame - glass not fitted tightly as removable when desired and all windows, doors and hatches were open for the “breeze” including this one what breeze I hear you ask...it was hot! Around 38 I think... only one window imploded ( thank heaven) and I am sooo glad I wasn’t stood in front of it... am now worried about the others ?
  11. Hi i need some of this to replace old stuff as engine access hatch ( aluminium checker plate proved way too expensive)- every one here calls it Wisey board but am having difficulty sourcing under this name- mine is 15mm thick looks like plywood on the edges but has a black surface- it’s been mostly ok on my cruiser stern open to the elements for the last five years so it must be water resistant at the very least......I need to replace it now though if you know the proper name I would be grateful for the info thanks
  12. I just got bogged down with the science lol (I am NOT thick ( actually maybe I am!) but am definitely well confused now.....) thanks though
  13. Just started a search for a gi and got your thread here- none of this makes any sense to me lol I live on my boat on land right now and use the landline electric- I am going into the water at long last at the end of this month so need to get a gi ASAP- I was asking for recommendations as Safesure do so many options I don’t want to waste money buying an expensive one if the cheaper model will do the job - does anyone know what the difference is between the basic £99 and the next one up at £155 is and does it matter? thanks for any info
  14. Thanks everyone- all posts relevant and read with great interest. Existing boards really rough so rather than trim and edge with angle I have decided to go ahead with checker plate (aluminium) and not paint - it will all be under my rubber matting anyway and I will use weed hatch seal surplus to dampen as well. Job done ( or will be if it ever stops raining lol) thanks once again ps I thought about trimming it every time I had to use the chisel lol
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