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  1. I just got bogged down with the science lol (I am NOT thick ( actually maybe I am!) but am definitely well confused now.....) thanks though
  2. Just started a search for a gi and got your thread here- none of this makes any sense to me lol I live on my boat on land right now and use the landline electric- I am going into the water at long last at the end of this month so need to get a gi ASAP- I was asking for recommendations as Safesure do so many options I don’t want to waste money buying an expensive one if the cheaper model will do the job - does anyone know what the difference is between the basic £99 and the next one up at £155 is and does it matter? thanks for any info
  3. Thanks everyone- all posts relevant and read with great interest. Existing boards really rough so rather than trim and edge with angle I have decided to go ahead with checker plate (aluminium) and not paint - it will all be under my rubber matting anyway and I will use weed hatch seal surplus to dampen as well. Job done ( or will be if it ever stops raining lol) thanks once again ps I thought about trimming it every time I had to use the chisel lol
  4. hello again lol my engine hatch (cruiser stern) is made up of three sections of wisey board and this works fine in the summer but once winter sets in I think it must expand and I have to take a chisel to it to get a section raised.... I wondered if replacing it with checker plate would solve this problem? I have set in ring pulls to fit to each section and the whole deck is covered with rubber matting so I feel that the noise (i.e rattling) that the local lads keep threatening will happen shouldn’t be a problem- what do you guys think? Thanks
  5. Hopefully the person who was steering (moments before you looked)hadn’t fallen in.....
  6. Hi I would like to do this trip from Peterborough on the Nene so a couple of days to get on the Grand Union then I can start my journey on the canal system. Does anyone have an approximate idea if all things go well and no stoppages how long do I need to allow just to get there please?
  7. There are two lockmasters on sale one £115 and one £97 (sounds like the start of a school exam paper lol) one of them purports to be new and unused...the other has been used for four years. there is also an Easylass at £50 which research (old stuff on this site) tells me were selling in the marinas for £30 brand new back in the day.... which (if any) would be best?
  8. Hi and thank you the bubble stove is being installed at the front of the boat and my main engine diesel tank is at the back i.e 57ft away? it is planned as background heat in the bedroom in the depths of winter only as I have a multifuel stove in the living area which keeps most of the boat warm otherwise. Unfortunately as I can testify, having had to abandon ship twice over the last three years, the bedroom is freezing- everyone tells me that will change once the boat is in the water (hope so) but meanwhile I don’t want to chicken out this winter.. so I thought a small tank at the front dedicated to the stove only would work- would struggle to PAY for 700 litres of diesel in addition to the wood and coal as well! WOW! That’s a lot of money to heat such a small space?
  9. I want to install a bubble diesel stove at the front of the boat-it will need a tank of its own - are there any guidelines for this type of installation? I will have the tank in the bow deck and drip feed to the heater at floor (deck)level and down. Any advice most welcome...thanks
  10. Okay I get that I guess-as I am sure you can tell I haven’t yet had the experience of a bridge on a canal as am moored on a river but hope to cruise on canal system nxt year so I will need to be ready especially as I will have two chimneys by then.. tried smokie joe site again but info on the various types of cowl and chimney available is sadly lacking- it would appear they expect you to know what you want lol fair enough I guess! Thanks for you help
  11. Thanks- I tried to shop at smoky joe but had difficulty as only two items come up for sale lol I shouldn’t be let out alone... suspect there must be someone who will sell me a longer chimney AND a cowl to match but standard NB chimneys seem only to be either 12 or 18” tops. Need to do more research ?
  12. Me again- Black Country metals have a 24inch chimney- diameter at the top is 5.2” and the smallest spinning cowl seems to be 6 inch diameter (designed to fit over the top) so how would I be able to stop it falling off? Am sure this is a daft question but the two together will cost around £150 so don’t want to buy something that won’t work....
  13. No it’s just a boatyard with a crane which is next to me on one side and a high shed on the other-I am still fitting out and engine not fully installed so am not now going into the water till next season but I do live on it....
  14. Hi- no bends -flue clean-been fine up to now but been really windy past couple of days. Not risking lighting this eve as filled boat with thick smoke again this morning- am parked by quite a high building so think I need longer chimney and spinning cowl....think I will dig out an alternative heat source for windy weather for now ?
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