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    joinery, woodturning.

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    Ambulance operator, now retired
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  1. Found these on google.... www.procastnotts.com. We have fitted fibreglass surrounds with woodgrain finish, bought at Crick boat show but cant remember the company, sorry. they are held in place with double sided pads so can be easily removed to attend to windows if needed and not be damaged.
  2. Keithgell, We are moored near Saul Junction, so can meet you and go through things if you would like to.......
  3. Kiethgell, I think that in the time constraints you have, the only option is to arrange lift out and road transport from either Saul Junction or Sharpness Docks to your destination, once you have sorted a mooring for your daughter.
  4. CRT have not yet given a date for the reopening of Gloucester lock, so it may be prudent to ring them and ask for information.
  5. Gloucester lock is closed at present, so there are two alternatives available. Crane out and transport by road or, engage a pilot and travel down the Severn, portishead and bristol. How soon to you intend to move the boat?
  6. When I changed my 296 filters last June, I found the only place I could find that could supply the seal for the metal screw was Midland Chandlers. I spent several hours touring round the spares shops in Cheltenham and Gloucester with no success.
  7. We have a pair of locks which fit roller garage doors, many combinations of key patterns and can be used from both sides of the door. quite easy to fit.
  8. Another vote for Bedazzled.. very helpful staff.
  9. As per post 3, I can recommend Halls Electrical, they have looked after our heaters for many years, exellent service.
  10. I smashed the glass in our oven door, took it to a local glazing firm who cut and drilled the glass then sent it away to be tempered and refitted it, £30.00
  11. found this in my local paper this morning https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/gloucester-paddle-steamer-oliver-cromwell-1611359 https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/watch-oliver-cromwells-final-moments-1611623
  12. Trim? any further details, where for, what for, interior, exterior??
  13. Yes, this is the chap who did our work, he was exellent.
  14. Try R.W. Davis at Saul Junction...(no connection, satisfied customer)..
  15. We have bought workshoes, which look like trainers from skechers with memory foam insoles. they have been exellent so far.
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