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  1. Very grateful for your offer Tim, I may well take you up on it. I have spoken to my daughter, and she tells me to stop panicking!
  2. We will both be together. But neither of us have handled a narrow boat before.
  3. Thanks. I might be panicking, but my daughter is not worried in the least. What is wrong with this route: The route you require is Gloucester - Worcester - King's Norton (Birmingham) - Lapworth - Napton - Braunston - Grand Union Canal to Bull's Bridge (Southall) and depending upon where in London probably turn left on to the Paddington Arm.
  4. She does not have a mooring organised. I thought she just needed a canal license to moor on the Lee river. She wants to live on the boat. I need to get a copy of the CaRT rules. What is the full name of the rules? Thanks Keith
  5. keithgell


  6. Hi Mr daughter has bought a canal bout and I have to get it from Gloucester to London by canal. What is the best route? I have never handled a narrowboat before, will I pick it up as I go? Thanks for the answers, Keith
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