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  1. If it is anything like ours its a Hurth and the dip stick is in the filler plug and the oil is that red automatic transmission fluid
  2. The lock is going to be closed for a while waiting for insurance people to come before it can be moved there are boats waiting to use lock canal and river trust in attendence
  3. Happy Birthday Amy

  4. My winning entry in the handicraft section at Skipton Waterways Festival

  5. Bins at Greenberfield Locks are always overflowing but I have spoken to people who aren't boaters and all they say mine at home are full or something to that effect the bins at Salterforth are the same L&L canal Someone is always unlocking toilet door at Greenberfield Locks and propping open with a plant pot Joan
  6. Have a great Birthday Graeme Paul Milligan Love Mum and Geoff

  7. Had a lovely day on our boat canal very busy chatted to friends as they passed

  8. Its a beautiful day in Windermere blue sky and sun shining

  9. We moor at the top of Greenberfield Locks Barnoldswick vacancies there and a good parking area showers etc
  10. Alice No1


    So sorry we have two elderly dogs and I dread the day it happens to mine as one has a grade 5 heart murmur my thoughts are with you Alice No1
  11. I would go have a drink at the Jennings Arms
  12. I m a GP go see your Dr as soon as possible especially if you are a single hander
  13. We popped in to the Narrow Boat couldn't stay long as we were with friends but great to meet the people we did speak to Boat Alice No 1 moored B4 Geoff Joan Steven
  14. My son was born on 21st April 1967 in the middle of a snowstorm
  15. Hi Chris its Geoff and Joan

  16. My body is no use to me when Im dead but perhaps I am biased as in my working life I was a surgeon who was thankful for donated organs
  17. Hi Used to be a member of Bolton Bury Manchester Canal Society have they seen these pictures? We are just outside Skipton Joan
  18. Any ideas where I can locate a cylinder head gasket for a Dorman 2DSM Thanks Geoff Peel.
  19. Does any one know where I can purchase a cylinder head gasket for a Dorman 2DSM marine engine.Thanks Geoff Peel.
  20. It looks like barges were loaded there see link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Irk
  21. If I am walking on the canal bank or driving my own boat I never give a boat with a modern engine a second glance .But if its got an old Gardner Lister Ruston Hornsby or Russel Newbury or a Dorman its the difference good old England or rubbish.ATB Geoff
  22. Hi Its Geoff dont forget if you want a hand with the locks to ring me keep the jokes coming Geoff
  23. Hi I know someone who probably has one he deals in old and vintage parts email if interested Joan
  24. Hi Do you take your roller to rallies been involved with steam for a number of years we also have a boat but are near Skipton

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