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  1. This is why this weekend I've told Mrs Arwen to sleep in a chair as I think her hormones make her sweat more
  2. We only get moisture on the side of the boat where the matteress touches the boat side ! I've brought the solid base back and drilled about 15 x 3" holes ! Will let you all know after the weekend how we get on. Ps if I don't post anything by Monday it means we've gone through the base and are stuck in the classic arse down and feet sticking up in the air position ! Nige
  3. We did it via email and phone
  4. We did the prompt payment thing and we are still waiting for our licences ! ( end of garden and canal licence ) we still haven't got them and its been about a month . I've rang them and they said don't worry so I'm not so if anyone notices my boat with an expired licence please don't report me !!!
  5. My mate bought his wife a hosepipe one year and she wasn't happy ! The next year he bought her a barrel of real ale ! She left him lol
  6. I've just come across this thread and its answered all my questions.I have an 850W genny and I was hoping with everything crossed that it would charge our 4 110 amp batteries through the Mastervolt inverter charger but sadly it let me down haha .When I told Mrs Arwen a Honda genny was a grand she wasn't best pleased .Now she quite happy for me to get the Hyundai .Looks good on the YouTube videos so all I need to do is find the cheapest supplier get it delivered and wrapped up for her Christmas stocking filler
  7. Two things you forgot to mention ! 1what size fuse ? 2 will it run off an inverter ?Many thanks lol
  8. I wouldn't like to be a fly when that's spinning around !
  9. I think LEDS would be a good idea !Surely it would make it lighter ! Puts cat out and goes to bed !
  10. I can tell you I've seen some small horses doing Big urinations !
  11. You will love it .One of the nicest stretches to cruise on .We moor at West Marton We might see you on the bends above Bank Newton for a beer
  12. We have just bought the 812 Ecofan for our 56ft boat and it got the bedroom nice and warm. Fire and fan at front of boat and bedroom at rear .We sold our old boat with a 3 blade fan and this new one is 2 blades !If your only going to put 1 lump of coal on the fire I wouldn't buy one !But if you like it nice and warm like we do then its well worth it !
  13. The the canal was very full last week and the reservoir at Foulridge was full to the brim also .
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