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  1. hi.... ill up my bid for goons cd to a fiver ......will require postage to nottingham if i win.
  2. Just had my webasto from this buyer fitted today....very satisfied as I sit here warm as toast.
  3. My current set up has the kabola E5 in its own cupboard in the bedroom at the very rear of my boat. All the water connections and fuel line are situated in the same cupboard. Will it be OK to fit webasto in same place if I route the exhaust thru the engine bay?
  4. Good to know....did it come complete with header tank and all the bits.
  5. Webasto heaters currently available on ebay for around £350-£400, Are they worth buying at that price? I want to replace my Kabola E5 with a Webasto and at that price they seem a bargain.. Thanks
  6. URL=http://imageshack.com/f/pcQI8Qgvj][/url URL=http://imageshack.com/f/ipbDo47aj][/url Thanks Richard. The half i thought was galvanised steel when viewed in natural light was rubber----the mounting which appears to be wet(oily) is the loose one. The other is from opposite side of engine
  7. Picture of coupling. URL=http://imageshack.com/f/p146lwO5j][/url
  8. I've had to nip into Bradford.....will take some pics when I get back to boat.
  9. Just looked again at coupling and it looks as if the back half of coupling is a galvanised steel colour and the front bit is same colour as prop shaft so it is a sandwich of sorts...can't see any rubber though. Can the rubber be replaced or is it a full coupling replacement?
  10. I changed oil and filter recently but am a bit wary of changing fuel filters as i dont know how to bleed. I have the filters and am at Apperley Bridge so if anyone wants to earn a few quid and change filters/bleed system and check the mounts ? Text me on zero seven 5221 eight nine 5 0 three
  11. Morning. As you know from other posts i'm a bit thick on mechical stuff. The coupling looks like a large counterweight on the shaft. It's about 7" in diameter and is shaped like a large cylinder approx 5" thick
  12. A siily question but here goes. I was doing my engine checks this morning and noticed the large nut securing engine to mount was loose(finger tight) and the nut underneath was 1/2 inch down the shaft doing nothing. Do i bring lower nut up to mount and tighten top nut or do i screw top nut down to lower one or get a mechanic to check engine for levelness?
  13. Just read this topic. I wil be going up Wigan locks on monday morning if all goes to plan. Does anyone fancy doubling up --i am single handed but will do my share of padles/gates etc. I came down Marple locks on thursday and a gate paddle had broken so was held up for over an hour. Then yesterday did the Ashton 18 and had to call C&RT out has a gate had jammed and wouldn't open-turned out to be a polystyrene pallet .This morning attacked the Rochdale 9 and what a set of %^&^%$£ locks they are. Luckily there was another boat on the way down with me but still we had to rope the gates to the bow to open them. Hope Wigan locks are a bit friendlier.
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