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  1. I always think it's nicer mooring starboard side to, rather than stern on...
  2. In my defence, all these files are also stored on my laptop, and the directories there have proper names (though slightly oddly "boat" is a subdirectory within "home"). Directories on a website are not (necessarily) a filing system.
  3. I store my data on a NAS in the basement, which then backs up daily to a cloud storage location. This brings an easy way to publish stuff to the internet, but quite a few ISPs, and many employers, block access to it as it is not certificated. http://judgefamily.synology.me/scholargypsy/manual/
  4. Yes, I'd not thought of that point. I guess we should focus on the longer term percentage of ghosts.
  5. If the ghost percentage is really that high, I struggle to understand why people do this, rather than selling the boat. There are many nicer places in the country to keep a boat if you just want the odd day trip. Maybe they have gone to live with someone on the bank and are keeping the boat as insurance policy in case of relationship breakdown. But 75% of them?? Are there any facts on this issue, I wonder.
  6. It used to be rather noisy when the USAF flew from Upper Heyford, but now rather pleasant as others have said. If you don't mind getting your feet wet, worth exploring the River Cherwell...
  7. To be fair this is a logical sign from the US given the way a given street can be on more than one numbered highway (a state and county highway here, I think). For example (to bring this back to canals!) on the Grand Union/Oxford between Napton and Braunston a sign for boats travelling towards Braunston would say Grand Union (South) and Oxford Canal (North).
  8. And the church in nearby Christchurch has the nine tailors. A spooky story ....
  9. I think the reference might have been to Fortune Green, which is between Cricklewood and West Hampstead (and very close to where I am now!). The estate agents have had various attempts to rebrand Kilburn as South West Hampstead, but it hasn't really caught on. West Hampstead and South Hampstead definitely exist ...
  10. I did wonder once why there are so many towns in Germany called Umleitung.
  11. When we take the M4 to South Wales we always stop for a break at 14 locks, just outside Newport. So much nicer than any motorway service station ...
  12. The repair was completed a few weeks ago.
  13. I had to find some AAAA batteries last month ....
  14. The tube signs on escalators annoy me. They "Please stand on the right" whereas what they really mean is "Please don't stand on the left", which is not the same thing at all. And also there is no standard convention when walking along corridors etc. Sometimes you keep right, sometimes keep left.
  15. I don't know, I can't find the book. It may also mention that useful unit, the amp per hour.
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