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  1. Also a common cause of freewheel clutch pulley failure (read expensive) :-((
  2. If you take the belt off and turn it inside out you'll probably find it's badly cracked, this is normally due to age and heat where the rubber on the ribs has gone hard and brittle. This is a common problem on French diesel automotive engines, the vibration caused by the missing bits quite often damages the damper, tensioner brgs and power steering pump brgs. I'm sure a new 6pk belt and a bit of labout would be considerably cheaper than having to have the travel power alternator brgs replaced. Hope this helps.
  3. It's a blanking cap, the pressure relief valve is on the header tank cap. (Which is normally a Renault item)
  4. Have used the one on Shad at the NWM Ellesmere Port and that is a length of brass 4 inch ish plates with a chain link between each plate, whether that is an original item I have no idea.
  5. Have found that for the last few years Waxoyl is not as good as it used to be, before all the good/bad stuff was removed to make it more envoiromently friendly. We tended to use Comma Waxseal on smaller jobs as it covered better and seemed to self heal better. The downside is that it is only available in aerosols, but they would be excellent for doing gas lockers.we did contact Comma to see if they were going to do it in 5 litre containers again , as they did when it first came out, they told us they had no intention of doing it that way again
  6. I've used DX III a velvet drive bolted to a 5.7 Chevy in a wake board boat and it was quite happy with it. Be carefully looking for transit gearbox oils as depending on year it could be a EP80 fully synthetic, MT75 or an EP 75/140 fully synthetic .
  7. Paul G2, as for the rusty bolts along the bottom angle, they are what bolt the bottom planks to the boat, (it is wooden bottomed). Tiggers will no doubt be along with the right terminology, all I will say is there are three in each plank each side and when you've cut them out of five planks, cut and drifted the nail out of the kelson and knocked the planks out your body knows about it. They new how to build boats back then.
  8. Having been there and seen the work that has gone into it, it's looking good. Well done to all
  9. My 4.17 is only a year old, so have been servicing as per vetus service schedule, now about to do a major service and in 300 hours the oil hasn't even changed colour in the three times I've changed it. Does seem a bit of a short interval, but they state the g/box oil should be changed at 500hrs/12 months and that's looking a bit manky after 300 hrs
  10. Having just finished work for a major hire company, a fair few of the customers who did the ring said they wish they hadn't because of the Manchester section, mainly due to the lack of water (vandalism), and the state of the canal in general, no reports of anti-social behaviour, but they did feel vulnerable in a couple of places, One couple who had just finished the ring said they were phoning friends to advise them to take a different route, as they were planning to do the ring in a couple of weeks time. Please note this is only an observation from people I dealt with and in no way my opinion as I've never done this area by boat.
  11. Can't hide anywhere, take it your not on Fulbourne as it's the sort of boat I would of heard and noticed, unless it was when I went down to the service block to get rid of the rubbish. Have to agree, lovely river (the small amount we did) and the moorings at Barnton looked great.
  12. Just to say thanks to Paul C, turned right out of the lift and went to the moorings at Barnton, winded, then went to Northwich to go shopping at Waitrose. (Had to breast up as all the visitor moorings were full). Now back moored below the lift for the night. Nice river to cruise.
  13. Honda EU20i from my personal experience.
  14. Tim Lewis, we are NB Dreamer, at church minshull at the moment, so won't be ther till late PM
  15. Thanks for that, makes life easier if you ask someone who's done it before.
  16. Hopefully going down the lift wednesday onto the weaver, only staying on the river overnight. Will be turning left out of the lift towards Northwich, any suggestions where to turn and places to moor overnight before hunts lock and coming back up Thursday would be appreciated. Cheers. Andy
  17. It might be a good idea to indicate what type of boat, number of people carried and level of Boatmaster licence required Oops just seen the link to gumtree
  18. I got a set of 600amp 5 Metre long commercial vehicle ones from Andrew Paige motor factors for £35 inc vat. Have used them to start a HA3 and a JP3 with no problems and being 5m long they will reach from boat to boat quite often.
  19. I,m pretty sure when we stayed at windmill end junction in April I was told one of the two pubs has closed down and was the little dry dock and is now being turned into flats. But I may be wrong.
  20. Jake-crew, when I said this stuff was lethal I wasn't joking, the first line of the user instructions was to insert the earth spike into the ground attach it to the vehicle and pour a jerrycan of water over the spike to ensure a good earth. This stuff doesn't shock you, it just kills you.
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