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  1. David Edge auto electrical not far from beeston is the nearest I know of, plus they keep the reg/brush pack on the shelf for the iskra alternators, last one I took in was tested, diagnosed, repaired and retested while I waited. (20 mins).
  2. If it's like some of the share boats I work on that have a lowered well deck, there are 2 small drains in the corners of the well deck next to the front bulkhead, these drain through steel tubes all the way to the engine bay, you should be able to see the tubes coming out of the engine bay bulkhead in the corners above the base plate next to the swim, the water is then takan away by the bilge pump. Possible one of the tubes has corroded through, thus leaking water into the internal bilge. Hope this helps.
  3. Ours came from Kings Lock chandlery, admitadley trade price.
  4. Add me to the list also if there not ridiculously expensive.
  5. Best 30 Quid I've spent, keeps the fire cleaner and hotter and saves fuel.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. I recommend you look at the Smartguage website, it shows you the various ways off doing it and the best way, with the figures to back it up.
  8. If the history involves Regulus, please PM me and I'll give you a contact to speak to.
  9. It was said boat painter that I changed the engine for, but fair play for the the P3, how it managed to get to ellesmere port in the condition it was in was a testament to the fact that if a Perkins will start it will never die. :-))
  10. Off topic, but i fitted that horrible Perkins, replacing the totally knackered horrible Perkins P3 that was already in there.
  11. As I don't know the costs involved in this sort of work ( the time involved in just the paperwork is probably frightening) I bow to your superior knowledge, and yes what was being produced could only be used for firewood.
  12. Have to agree, but from an observation piont of view, it was 4 men, (one man on a rope with a chainsaw working from the top) 3 men processing the downfall, who were struggling to cope, and it was a total clearance, surely some money could of been recovered from the waste. But as I work for the dark side, I know how this works
  13. Tree monkey, nice to hear the official stand point on this, but my observation of the situation at woodseeves cutting was that the contractors had been thrown into a position that on the tree felling side they were comfortable with, but due to the narrow cutting and canal and lack of equipment to shift the waste they were struggling.
  14. Came through woodseeves cutting earlier this year, contractors cutting down all the dead and falling trees from the top of the cutting, had a chipper and two flats to catch the chippings, the whole towpath was full of neatly cut log piles, they stopped us and asked us if we had a log burner and would we please help ourselves to as many logs as we could carry as they could not cope with the amount that needed chipping and shifting. Could of gone down there with a working pair at least 10 times and not made much of a dent in what was there.
  15. A friend of mine made up a replica dip stick up out of a soft wood dowel with a plastic disc stuck around the top to act as a stop, shows the oil level better, he then puts the original dip stick back in when he's finished.
  16. I tend to use AES, they do 100m rolls of thin wall cable, they also do cable bundles, ideal for all those smaller runs. No connection to the company, just a satisfied customer. As people have said you get what you pay for though and there is some cheap dodgy stuff about!
  17. The best thing to check if the valves are leaking is to fill the ports with brake fluid, it will find the slightest leak.
  18. I got a renewal form today to renew my gold licence from January 1st, I wouldn't mind but I've never had a gold licence and my current licence doen't run out till the end of May!
  19. I have a double skinned chimney on my stove, (squirrel), don't know the rules, but I believe they are advisory only?. But I will say it seems to make the stove more efficient, and no crap comes out of the chimney onto the boat, if that helps.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. Could also also be muck in the the tank partially blocking the pick up pipe on high demand, then clearing when the engine stalls. May be worth rigging up a temporary fuel tank and testing it to rule out this problem, have come across this more than once before.
  22. Went through there in March, men in suits and high vis vests were inspecting it, said they were worried, went through 2 weeks ago and still looked the same.
  23. Speak to Mike Carter at the Chester IWA.
  24. Agreed, went for 4 days and stayed for 6.
  25. Those type grease nipples were used commonly on military vehicles pre 70,s, if you check some of the ex military surplus websites there should be some of what we used to call grease buckets, they take a 5KG can of grease and have an extendable handle and will pump grease into the most awkward af places, also this type of grease nipple very rarely failed and were a much more positive fitting than the more modern type, they were also usually made of brass so didn't corrode. Hope this helps.
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