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  1. If your doing that trip, the shady oak is now open and doing food every night, sometimes worth a call to check, especially if there fully booked, also Tattenhall marina do food fri,sat sun afternoon's, worth a phone call to check as major alterations are taking place early on in the new year and if your going to the boat museum, it's closed from next Sunday till mid February for refurbishment.
  2. Moored opposite the visitor centre a few times, no problems at all, locals very friendly (I grew up there), visitor centre very friendly, but I would say that as one of my relatives helps run it.
  3. Have used these on crankshafts for rear oil seals on historic race engines with a 100% success, never tried them on boat prop shafts though as usually I change the shaft as there is normally more to the problem than just the shaft.
  4. Richard, some useless information, chrome bumper MG's had red engines, rubber bumper MG's had black engines, had to research it when I was rebuilding them.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. I would suggest you contact Linda Andrews at Cheshire Cat narrowboats, she specialises in training nervous people and also does women only courses, as someone who also teaches, it's usually better if your not there ( don't teach your own wife to drive syndrome), Hope this helps.
  7. That boat must be jinxed, that's the second time it's gone down this year.
  8. Enjoyed it, hope you,ve managed to get the craning and transport sorted.
  9. Tried to help the new owners (lovely people and very enthusiastic) get this boat into hurleston bottom lock a couple of weeks ago, alas unsuccessfully as it's had bulkheads fitted after the hull had spread, so wouldn't pull in on the chains and was about an inch to wide. There taking it to there place on the Montgomery to restore it.
  10. When we looked into buying a boat share, you could nominate 2 family members that could also use the boat on your allocated weeks, that was with BCBM. Didn't go down the share route in the end though.
  11. Went through exactly the same thing when I tried to renew ours, in the end the lady at the other end of the phone who was very helpfull took payment over the phone and emailed me the documents/discs to print. Hit the same problem, "email not recognised to the customer No". Strange because I'd gone to the link from the email she'd just sent me. Phoned back, same helpfull lady answered and said I'll print them here for you and post them. Technology is a wonderful thing.
  12. I have to agree with Bizzard's idea on this, I have done this in the past to the same engine and alt setup, only problem I found was the plastic protection on the back of the alt was hitting the protruding engine mounting stud, easily cured with a grinder and cut off disc, plus it looks like it would help take some of the tension off the main charging lead on the alt.
  13. Have had this problem on a few boats, admitadley only 12V systems, it turned out to be the light switchs having bad contacts. I could only put this down to the low current draw of the LED's causing the contacts in the switch contacts to fur up. Pure theory of course, but replacing the switchs cured the problem.
  14. We have used Haven Knox Johnson for 2 years, quite happy that we are liveaboards, full contents cover, full legal and accident cover and possessions cover for guests staying. Fully comp on a 60ft 18 month old boat with 1 years no claims was about £325 if I remember right. Plus really easy to talk to and deal with.
  15. I would hope there not knackered, don't know the absorption voltage figure for Trojan batteries off the top of my head, but may be a tad high. Also if your battery box/engine bay isn't well ventilated these 2 factors could give you the problems you are getting. As an aside, when working on American RV's were they have Trojan batteries fitted under the entrance steps, they always seemed to have remote breather pipe kits fitted to the vents on the batteries.
  16. Have been called out to 2 boats with exactly the same problem as the OP, both times it was the batteries, both times the boats were on shoreline with the Chargers in absorption mode. After unplugging the shoreline and venting the engine bay overnight on testing the batteries they were knackered which was causing the gassing.
  17. Won't last in a jam jar, even if you starve it of oxygen, it still goes off because it's a chemical reaction, you just end up with a big rubbery lump in the jar, I know this from experiance.
  18. Casper ghost, as best as I can remember, between Hampton bank and Lyneal Warf on the left heading towards Ellesmere, the only reason I thought of this is because there was a CRT workboat stuck across the canal with people working below in the culvert, so wrong place.
  19. Not where I thought, could make for an interesting trip home next week when we leave the Montgomery, hope it doesn't go t--s up!
  20. Had a meal there two weeks ago, food was excellent, very well priced, some people were complaining about the 40 min wait as it was packed and only one chef, but at least you knew the food was freshly cooked. The Timothy Taylor's was top quality to.
  21. Could this involve a load of flooded fields we passed yesterday on the way to Ellesmere?
  22. Don't have a contact number for CRT, but the company that recover them for CRT is commercial boat services, based in chester, have been to inspect a boat for someone in their compound on deeside industrial estate. Could be worth contacting them, they have a website. Hope that helps. Andy B.
  23. Moored opposite it at the moment, definitly still being refurbed as there are skips full of interior outside, but looks less like a building site inside than it did a few weeks ago. Towpath rumour at the moment is it will be open at Easter, but for drinks only as they are having a complete new kitchen built and that won't be ready in time. As I say rumour only though.
  24. Really should wear my glasses when replying to a post.
  25. As one of the volunteers that helps run this event, I will say that by Sunday, things are normally starting to calm down, if your on a non historic boat you will have to moor down on the bottom basin. Probably better with an 8 legged dog . Please feel free to PM me for any more info
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