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  1. The moorings at the park in Reading are chargeable in theory, but, as the owner of the boat cafe told me last year, he incidentally moors just above the bridge on the other side and has done for years for nothing, are an illegal charge because they cannot issue you a receipt! Also, there is nobody to collect these fees, or wasn't last year! While I stayed there for two days, someone actually phoned up the number on the sign post and was kept waiting for 10 minutes while the office desperately tried to fined the book to enter his fee! He then asked where he could collect his reciept and was told that they didnt issue any! Needless to say, he didnt pay and stayed there his two days without anyone trying to grab money! I will add that this only applies to the Reading moorings including Tesco's as others are run by agencies who have the right and will pursue you for fees as large as £200. Having said that, don't be put off by these signs as there are loads of alternative moorings on the Thames, but be prepares to tie to a tree! Nipper
  2. If your interested, there is a mooring going at the moment! https://www.watersidemooring.com/Mooring/Vacancies/558 A tad expensive as you can't get to it by foot, but someone will pay! Nipper
  3. It would be hoped that the Lockies would not let him out, but it would all depend on whether the Lockie is a volunteer or a proper one. Last year whenever I rang them up i had differing answers to questions depending on what Lockie was on duty! Nipper
  4. Terry, having looked at the weather and the tidal and river data, I would back out of Limehouse and poodle up towards Brentford the long way around. You will have lots to see and do and hopefully, by then, the waters will of calmed down a bit! You could, then, go down to Limehouse, turn around and do what you originally set out to do! Nipper
  5. Just do it, you'll be fine. Get your camera ready and relax. Enjoy and just keep a lookout behind you now and then! The Thames dustbin boat and its barges will be using the same tide and it is a lot faster than you are!! Nipper
  6. Of coarse, a few years ago, boats used moored quite a distance away from the next boat because of the Boat Pox! This highly contagious disease was rife, from Hire boats right down to the lowly Constant Cruisers, and was only able to be controlled because the fender makers were instructed to injected a serum into all bow and stern fenders as instructed by the then British Waterways. This almost eliminated this curse! Unfortunately, this boat pox, is still in the minds of some boaters and now and then an outbreak crops up here and there, especially in busy places, like Sutton Stop, Braunston and such like!! Nipper
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Did anyone notice the complete lack of "No Mooring", "Private keep off" signs? In fact not very many signs at all! No dog walkers, just a couple of people of bikes! Nipper
  9. Come on Lola, I know it's a Saturday, but wake up and maybe read the OP'S first message! He has done it before! pomkitanner, Just stop fretting, relax and come over and enjoy, your hire base will sort you all out! Nipper
  10. At best, there are only moorings for 4 boats! The hire fleet have the rest and a month ago two constant moorers as well!! . But, always remember that there are moorings by the water points outside the basin which i think are 7 days, i have heard of no problems in or around the basin! As an addition, there may look to be moorings outside the shops in the basin, but if you moor there, you will be stopping others, especially bigger boats from winding! Nipper
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. nipper


    One has to ask, what was a hire boat doing on that bit of river? There are enough signs on the last lock to make an idiot aware! I'm sure they were glad they wore life jackets. Is this another case of Hire firms just letting hirers go without proper instruction, especially making them aware of local dangers! Nipper
  13. Thats good. I can use them a few days before i put Largo to bed for a month in The Festival Marina. Nipper
  14. The updated page is here! https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/results/page/1?waterways%5B%5D=181&waterways%5B%5D=33&waterways%5B%5D=116&region=-1&datefrom=&dateto=&itemcount=10&Search=Search All due to be open on the 11th apparently! See you there! Nipper
  15. Yes, but, just a thought! If these facilities are not used, then they are not cleaned, as, presumably they are not in use!. Who is gonna clean them and who gets paid, from whom? Give it a week and then nobody will want to go in them anyway! Just sayin like! Nipper
  16. There is no detail anymore! Perhaps they don't want us to know too much! Nipper Thanks Matty. Why is it if something that works and is useful to all, has to be buggered about with! It's as though they want to desensitize us and turn us into the great none thinkers! Happy days! Nipper .
  17. Same page but different map! The map i miss is the one where you selected an area and kept panning down to what you wanted. This new map seems like a nonsense. with no detail at all! Thanks anyway! Nipper
  18. Can anyone point me in the direction of that Map of Britain where you can pan down to your local river and see what the water levels are? I can't seem to find that map anymore, only a page telling me that there are 11 flood alerts in force in England and Wales and a map wanting you to put in your post code for your area! That original map used to be interesting looking at all the little rivers joining together and plotting their water levels! Nipper
  19. Just heard that the Harecastle tunnel is close both ends, because the rescue launch has a problem!! Notice AlertTrent & Mersey Canal Starts At: Harecastle Tunnel North Portal Ends At: Harecastle Tunnel South Portal Friday 4 March 2016 10:00 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Information Original message: The tunnel is closed due to a mechanical problem with the rescue boat. We are currently awaiting for the contractors to make the repairs to the boat. The tunnel will remain closed for safety reasons, until the repairs have been carried out. Due to heavy snow fall this may effect contractor availability, which could result in this stoppage continuing into the weekend. We’ll provide an update later today. You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/6811/trent-and-mersey-canal-harecastle-tunnel
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. I think that finished today along with the winter Moorings! Someone will be along later to tell me that i am wrong! Nipper
  22. Yes, I wonder what happened to Paul NuLife4-2 ? It's been a while that he has been on. Aways seemed a sensible chap with something to offer! Even if it was just a doughnut! In one of his last posts he mentioned that he hadn't been well, anyone know? Nipper
  23. Um! It is only in the Narrows that one cannot pass. Are you at Trevor where the sun pub is? or at the hire boat basin just above the Aqueduct? If your at the hire boat basin then come on up, boats can pass untill the start of the narrows at the Sun pub! If your at the sun then just send someone down the narrows. Lets face it, It would be a shame to wait for a boat that has.perhaps, has moored up for a few hours!! Nipper
  24. Come on up! I'm in the basin! Two boats here in the basin and a few winter moorers on the line in! I'm of similar draft and touch bottom a few times but as Fangar says, do it. Just keep your revs down and accept the fact you will be slow! One Measterymn Cruiser is on the way down, but will be clear of the narrows real soon judging by the revs on his engine! If you can, send somebody ahead in the narrows, but i think you will be fine! Nipper
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