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    This thread has completely lost the plot, if you ever spent some time on the streets or working in a Hostel you would realise most of the people who sleep rough are Born British not mostly imigrants. Their has been too much blame given to imigration, the thread was about homeless people sleeping rough on the canals. I slept on the streets and talked with other street sleepers they are some of the most decent people you could ever chat to. Anyone of you could end up on the streets at any time. Personally i thought posting the picture of a rough sleeper was a bit of an invasion of his right of privacy, if someone took a picture of you in that situation would you like it plastered all over the internet......................... people are too judgemental. it makes me want to puke.
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    So where do these byelaws contradict law? As far as I'm aware there are no rights to just moor up wherever you like on the Thames, for as long as you like. Much of the land is private, and so the owners are within their rights to restrict moorings if they so choose. And how are the public being deceived and harassed? It seems it was the public who put pressure on the council to do something, due to boats overstaying and dumping waste in the river. If visitor moorings have been lost, then the fault lies not with the local council, and is instead due to the selfishness and lack of consideration shown by a minority who think they can do what they like, regardless of how it affects others.
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    Mr. Dunkley; Could I please ask that you stop using my threads as one of your resources to slag off CRT. This is at least the third time you've done it with my threads which; in all cases have either been a simple question or sharing of some insignificant information which may be useful to others. I think we all appreciate your complete and utter contempt for CRT and as everyone you are entitled to your views - but I for one, do find your constant bashing of them to be somewhat tiresome. Please don't take my request the wrong way, I don't agree with a lot of things CRT do or the way they do them. However, I don't set out to trash them at every given opportunity, and do believe some of the employees of the trust do indeed do a good job. It is so easy to pick out the things that are wrong, how about stretching your thought process and surprise us all one day with a compliment or positive comment about CRT. Kind Regards, B~
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    I'm questioning this now, I can't support my thought so I'm not fully confident in it. I suspect that sharp rises in homelessness in the North West would be close to tipping the balance but London is still a beastly thing. Anyway, according to the CHAIN figures for the last Quater, the largest by number counted Nationality of street homeless in London were from the UK (43%). The second largest were from Eastern Europe. (36%) The next largest % was from non CEE member countries at 9% and then 5% Africa, 5% Asia, 2% And an even smaller % for Australisian and American countries. (Of which not all would be illegal) I don't have masses of faith in the complete accuracy of these numbers as I have stated before, and I don't think we should get beyond hung up on numbers when it's humans, flesh and bone all the same that need help, however, it's the only figures available and hopefully it puts pay to the tired, worn out and boring assertion that there are 'swarms of illegals' on our streets.
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    Why what does that have to do with the OP?
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    If people wish to help then I suggest a call to 'No Second night out' 0870 383 3333 with exact location of the person sleeping rough. A worker will make contact and find a roof for the night with access to support workers. Like everything, it's not without its challenges, but it's a start.
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    I'm quite intrigued by your comments. What would you do differently if you were boss of CRT? How many people out there have your knowledge of the cut, which seems to be your baseline expectation for any CRT employee? where would you find the staff that meet your (ridiculous) expectations?
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    I would have thought so....but apparently not....several other boaters were amazed when I said I had only just met the boat on tow....they assumed RCR would sort it....and some even moaned because we had to bow haul thro a lock flight...it was pointed out we would be quicker if they helped but they were all suddenly busy.....to say I was less than charitable towards them was an understatement. Cheers Gareth
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    I'm sure when the BSS tests last went up in price it was partly because the price of Certificates was being put up to the Examiners.(£30 +) If no proper certificates are now issued I assume the price will be reduced ????????
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    Most of the whole thread was taken over by imigration, blaming imigration for the shortage of housing. The thread was about rough sleepers on canals, most of the people who are rough sleepers are not their because of housing shortages, they are their because their means of housing support were removed when they needed it most due to issues such as substance misuse / Mental Health Issues and many other issues.. The Canal is a public place, i dont want to get into where and when photo's should not be taken but common sense should be relevant in the case of taking a picture of a guy who is down on his luck and sleeping on cobbles. Taking the picture is one thing but putting on the internet Decent humanity/respect towards a fellow man is much better than rules and regulations.
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    But no one has said the homeless people are immigrants nor has anyone passed judgement on them
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    Hi all, Firstly, thanks to RachW for her clarification about why I hadn't commented on here before - my lack of being on any social media. Also, someone else I had met and talked to regarding the theft had said they would be doing it for me (thank you). Now to try to add my own clarification. This is my first attempt on a forum, so apologies if I get anything wrong. Firstly, the boat has been owned by myself for 20 + years, and last year I made the decision that I wanted to renew the superstructure so that I could keep her for another 20 + years. Secondly, as you're probably now aware the boat theft was reported to both the police and CRT. This was the day after the theft when I found that Cally Hanna was not where I'd left her. Fairly sure about the theft date, because she was seen (by someone who knows the boat well) travelling the Ashby that day. I guess the initial theft could have been made the evening before though. Cally Hanna had been moored on Shackerstone Wharf Farm permanent moorings for virtually all of the time she was on the Ashby Canal, most of my 20+ years of ownership. To clarify, I always paid my mooring fees in cash in advance, so this was not whay she had been forced to leave. The Land is Crown Estate land, and had recently had a new tenant. As I understand it this new tenant was trying to create a good impression and didn't like Cally's (admittedly) dishevelled appearance spoiling the view. To be fair I was given a some warning to try to improve this, but it took much soul searching to make the decision that I really did want to keep her and could find the time to do the job properly. When I moved her off I did request that my moorings be kept open for when I'd done the work on Cally (seeing as I'd paid in advance) and was led to believe that this would be done. It was only when CRT got in touch to say they couldn't renew my licence that I found out this wasn't the case. Anyway, the licence issue did get resolved. Oh again for the record, the licence was always paid for in advance and for many years by direct debit. Admittedly the licence wasn't displayed on the boat which is probably a violation, but she was only being moved short distances along the Ashby (until other arrangements could be made) and would have been known to CRT officials in the area. Hopefully enough information has now been provided to allay everyone's concerns about this being a timewaster. I had been concentrating my own efforts initially on thoughts that they would have wanted to get her out of the water quite quickly (and locally), possibly even to scrap. However, it now begins to appear that this was far more planned than I'd previously thought, which might mean they are trying to modify (paint) and keep her. So everyone please keep your eyes peeled and keep reporting - the hull in itself is very distinctive (probably uniquely modified) so even if a lot of work gets done to the superstructure she would still be recognisable. I have more photos if required, although I understand some of these have now made it onto Twitter. I think I saw a comment about why take such an untidy and old boat? I couldn't agree more - whilst I personally have a strong attachment to Cally Hanna I can't for the life of me understand why someone would deliberately take her instead of a more modern boat! In recent times I have not been an active boater, but when Cally was co-owned with RachW she visited all sorts of far flung corners. Whatever, Neither Cally nor myself deserved to have this done to us. Please help return her to her rightful owner. Thanks all, Carl.
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    I think we need to give the poor chap a chance. And I think if we want him to have a positive attitude to boaters, this thread is perhaps not the best way to go about it.
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    Hi all, I know (well used to know) this boat very well, it is owned by my ex and we used to own it jointly from the mid-90s until around 2006, since when it has been solely his. As the poster states, it has been moored at Shackerstone for many years until the owner was asked to take it off the moorings because of its dilapidated condition. Since then he's been moving her up and down while trying to get sorted to do the work she clearly needs. As far as I know there is no dispute about ownership of the boat. The owner is not on any kind of social media, which is probably why it took so long to get the information out. None of this is anything to do with me, but there have been one or two comments along the lines of 'that sounds dodgy' so I thought I would chip in with what I know. Rachel
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    'The' Aqueduct is on the Llangollen, not the Stratford, not that the Stratford canal hasn't got it's share of aqueducts it but they do pale by comparison with Chirk and Pontcysyllte on the Llangollen. You shouldn't have trouble hiring in September - it is outside of the school holidays. Chas Hardern have a couple of short boats if you fancy the Llangollen. http://www.chashardern.co.uk/canalboat.htm Tim
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    Biggest hazard is not you but others distracting you by their jabber or actions.
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    Apart from far too many people questioning why I was doing so and saying that I was mad to offer a tow not a lot...I took two boats on two separate occasions to yards to,be fixed after RCR had either decided that the yards were too far for them to tow to and left their customers to sort out getting the boat there or had basically given up on the job. I happend on both boats by chance and offered a tow...one I moored up next to and heard their tale of woe...that included being told by RCR that they needed a replacement engine and/or gearbox amongst other things....and the other boat came past me trying to bow haul at a very early hour. I considered offering a tow on both occasions as something any boater would do as one day it might be the other way round......sadly other boaters who were slightly held up as we worked down fradley flight seemed to think that we were mad which I found quite sad. Cheers Gareth
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    You say that regularly, along with 'yawn' and 'whatever'. Classic words to use, when you don't have an answer that wouldn't stand the scrutiny of reason or logic.
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