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    The building covered in ivy looks very surprised, though.
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    So at the moment I'm trying to get insurance for my boat, I have the survey which the insurance now have but now they want a full valuation of the boat by a broker. has anyone else had to have a valuation, it just seems that everytime I try and do something I have to jump through hoops to get it done while others don't. getting a firearms certificate is easier than this....
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    When I washed our boat windows the other day I inadvertently broke one of the condensation hole covers on the outside of a window at the bottom. It is plastic which had, I suspect, gone brittle. Doing a search on t'web I found a NB window manufacturer in the Midlands. The telephone conversation went something like this: Me, "Do you sell the little alloy vent covers for the condensation drain holes"? Man, "What make are your windows sir"? Me "No idea". Man, "If they are not our make I am unable to sell them to you". Me, Why". Man "Because we do not want our products on inferior windows". Me, " Are you being serious"? Man, "Yes sir". Me, "If that is the case I wish you a good day and goodbye". More searching on t' web and find a company in Wigan only too happy to sell me as many as I want. I was puzzled and a little cross with the first manufacturers approach as these little vent covers do not have any makers name on them. I am surprised that a firm would refuse a sale, I would of thought that any sale was better than none? Needless to say the Midlands manufacturer will get no recommendation from me.
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    Top Cat had an alibi as he was being chased by Officer Dibble.
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    And Richard Branston's comment when interviewed was... "I have no idea what this has to do with me"... MtB
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    The difference between belief in science and belief in a supernatural being is that scientific "belief" is based on empirical evidence confirming or debunking theories whereas religious "belief" is the complete opposite where it is a positive virtue to believe without evidence.
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    The term denier does come with some baggage - if I recall correctly it was first 'popularised' in the term holocaust-denier, so lumping people who prefer not to believe in the extent of human imapct on climate change in a similar bracket is likely to cause some upset .... .... personally I think our whole approach to climate change has been wrong... If governments had said "The climate is changing, and it's a natural cycle, but we need to do something about it or our children will have to face terrible problems" they would have had a better response - we sheep always react better to a challenge than if we are told we have been naughty and must pay the price. editted to make sense (of sorts)
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    Please do not assume that I want to own a narrow boat. If I wanted one I would simply go out and buy one.
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    It should also be noted that if people such as the vendor hadn't actively rescued such artefacts they would have likely ended up melted down for scrap. Shad would never have had the opportunity to be reunited with its plates if a scrapman had got there before an enthusiast.
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