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  2. It had all sorts of things when we were there…nothing that really made it look like a butchers shop as I recall…unless you count the sawdust on the floor….I just thought it was fun & quirky.
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  4. Applied with a Vatacan rag. First you get down on your knees...
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  6. I mean the type that can’t handle the smell of their own solid waste or go all faint at the sight of it, I don’t understand it as it’s theirs and nobody else’s. What did they expect when they bought a boat, that their s£&t smells of roses and flushes straight into the canal never to be seen again? Modern Cassettes don’t leak and slop all over, the new Thetford wheeled version is very good at sealing and is easy to handle. The secret is to have at least two cassettes and empty them when you can and don’t let them fill right up. As I said the composting toilet is an easy solution to not see, handle or smell their own waste and with more bins there’s more opportunities to dump it, most compost toilet users have no interest in composting their waste as it should be done.
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  8. I wonder if there will be glut of canal boats on the market in a few years after all the folks who jumped in during the pandemic find out it's not for them. Seems rather inevitable; sorta' like the pet adoptions that SKYROCKETED here in the States, now the poor animals are being returned to shelters in record numbers.
  9. Not sure i fully understand the question, the shape of the mating surfaces should be a big clue... post a pic of the joint in question, might be easier to identify...
  10. I couldn't agree more, their vlogs are interesting and their presentation engaging and the video quality superb. I don't follow them, but I will watch any vlog of theirs that is of particular interest, especially if they've cruised an area that I intend to visit. I'm not sure why anyone would refer to them in a derogatory way.
  11. I see your point, it is certainly much easier, more pleasant, odour free and a huge amount lighter to put ones 'dry' toilet waste into a bin than lugging a heavy, foul smelling cassette of sloppy toilet waste to an Elsan point. I'm not sure what you mean by "type of newbies", but your doing a great job of promoting composters over cassettes.
  12. Their vlogs are amongst the best and I really enjoy their you tube contributions. I have followed them on you tube since around March 2020. They did a couple of videos about switching to a composting loo a while ago. But since then nothing. I strongly suspect there is a reason for that.
  13. Looking at their Vlog on the first time they emptied their cassette toilet sums up a lot of the type of Newbies your getting on boats, they can’t handle emptying a cassette type toilet and find it easier to deal with a bag of sawdust and solids mix, that they can just seal it, put into another bag and into a bin. They have no interest in composting and the time involved, they just can’t handle seeing and smelling their own crap.
  14. On this day in 2014 Innovative overnight mooring between Shortwood Tunnel and Tardebigge Tunnel W+B. We were aground, and later pulled over the silted-up-bit
  15. No rain here today although some dark clouds threatened for a while. Even tired the dog out (daughters dog not ours)
  16. Check this out for the river Wey. https://nt.global.ssl.fastly.net/river-wey-and-godalming-navigations-and-dapdune-wharf/documents/download-our-guidance-for-boat-users.pdf page 10.
  17. On this day in 2019 London Eye ... and (maybe) a more exciting twirlything. Yes it does go higher than that.
  18. I confess that I haven't looked either, but I can see no reason why a broker wouldn't simply accept the offending boat onto his books and declare in his advert the situation concerning the boats RCD status. It's a rare broker that turns away potential business.
  19. It was there when I was working on my Springer bat Fox's about nine years ago. Not a large one, admittedly.
  20. I read it but don't plan trying to search for it.
  21. What about the decor A butchers shop, unless it has changed since then.
  22. Alan* stated that there have been lots of posts in this forum where people have named brokers who have refused to sell their boat without and RCD. I suggested that I hadn't seen any, and now you say the same. * that's Alan de Enfield, for those who weren't sure who I meant
  23. It's impossible to know, but given the thousands of followers of YouTube vlogs such as from Foxes Afloat that absolutely rave about the benefits of composting toilets, I'll bet the rise is considerable. Certainly the manufacturer of their rather smart version has gone from producing a single toilet for personal use to a production facility and a waiting list.
  24. Just to add to the problems, Widmead lock this morning!
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