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Lister FR compression change levers

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My FR2 has today started blowing badly from one of the compression change levers. So much so that the engine only wants to run properly in high comp. We're about 3 weeks away from our home marina. What's the best course of action? Try and strip it down by the side of the cut or head for home on H/C and fix it there? I've never had one of these apart so I don't know what I might find.

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Probably sorted by now.

But, Nothing to do with exhaust valve it is as has been said the compression changover valve internals, run on high/start. Unfortunately with these engines because they are a bit odd(even for Listers) be very very careful with advice. Just to let you know I'm ex Listers (too young for FR's though) and I am right by the Sharpness / Gloucester ship canal in Cam, next door to where it was made in Dursley. I have the special tool/tools needed and some spare parts as I fiddle with these. Mike 07902 924007

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Hi, many thanks everybody. After a few squirts of WD40 and flicking the levers up and down the valve eventually seated and has behaved (touch wood) since, I guess it's one of those things I'm going to have to live with, one of the joys of owning an old engine.

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The trick I do with mine is when  I stop it after a long run I work the levers up and down  to free them off. Otherwise  the ccarbon build  up causes  them jam or not seal correctly. 

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