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Park Head Festival. Help needed with moving Tawny

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We are taking the business to Park Head festival this weekend and have a bit of a problem, and need some help and or advice.


As you may know from another thread Richard has had a carpel tunnel operation and can't do much with his left hand.


Tawny is currently in Hawne Basin, so safe and sound. We need to get her to Park Head on Friday afternoon / evening, and we need to get the car and trailer there as well.


Normally I'd drop Richard at the boat to bring her round, then drive up and met him at the other end, or vice versa. However he's not allowed to drive, and I don't want him to single hand the boat round just in case something happens and he ends up damaging his wrist.


Then on Sunday evening we need to move the boat somewhere safe to leave her for a week till we can take her home. We were thinking Hockley Port, or maybe the city center. We've been advised not to leave her at Park Head, unless anyone knows different.

Again we have the same problem of moving boat and car.


I did think about trains, but there's no station near Park Head so that option is scuppered.


So basically can anyone help with boat moving, or give me a lift between boat and car on either of those days.


And if you are going to the festival and would like a bed Friday or Saturday night then we have space.








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I could sort you a lift one of those days - text me and we can work summat out. Fine to breast up on us at HP for a week too. I can't make boat-moving or festivalising time sadly - too many new students to sort out this week and next!

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hi, are those the locks on peartree lane, if so I could give you a lift back to Hawn basin about 6.30ish on Friday, if it helps.



Yes those are the locks.


That would be great thanks.


We'll move the boat up in the afternoon and start setting up, then if you could take me back to fetch the car that would be ideal.


CWDF to the rescue once again.





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I'd just like to thank everyone involved for helping us out this weekend.


Dave for the lift to fetch the car on Friday evening, Nicki for supplying a safe place for tawny for the week, and reviving cups of tea, and especially Madcat for all her help over the weekend.


With Richard mostly out of action when it came to carrying and setting up the gazebo we just wouldn't have been able to do the show without her.


Richard felt able to take Tawny to hockley port on his own, so Madcat stayed and helped me break down the stand and pack it all in the car.


So a more successful and less stressful wekkedn than we feared.


thanks everyone, CWDF works it's magic again.



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