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Providing your thick-skinned enough, Barry, this is a clever way to optimize your site - getting loads of people to click on to it from this forum and thus improve your search engine rankings! B)



Oh do you mean that this may be a subtle way of advertising :clapping::rolleyes::wub::cheers::cheers:

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we already do stock all this equiptment, however it is not listed online yet. please call us on 028 82 246539, as i said earlier, we have been in business for 40 years and have showrooms full of stock!


028 82 246 539 if you need anything, we can deliver

How much for the 10kilo flying flook then barry? outside of oz I can only find 2.5 and 5kg ones, not big enough for my boat, even for kedging.

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Hey Barry,


Only a couple of points;


The header graphic is too large still - I'm including the links and the shopping cart link in this. On some pages this takes up what appears to be over 50% of page content which it too imposing and makes the site content appear minimal. This is kind of linked to the second point.


I really like product lists that span no more than 2 pages. A single page is ideal. If I have to browse more than 2 pages of similar products I get rapidly bored or frustrated. I would rather see fewer details and smaller photographs than have to click through several 'Nexts' to view everything. Maybe give viewers the option to list 10,20,50 products on each page.



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