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That's only the second picture I've seen of a Nene lock pre modernisation


Bradshaw 1918 lists two locks at Alwalton - Alwalton lock and Alwalton Staunch, which is described as a navigation weir but was almost certainly a single guillotine gate. Somewhere (but I'm not sure where - it's in a book I bought cheaply because it was flood damaged) I have a picture of a "proper" lock on the river Nene pre-modernisation, it didn't have guillotines. As modernisation was after 1900 (1930?) I wouldn't expect Nene locks before then to have guillotines, although it's possible some did I guess. 


I think the picture might be Alwalton Staunch, pictures of other fenland staunches show rather elaborate structures around them. 

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4 hours ago, Heartland said:

This c1900 post card shows a lock on the River Nene, near Peterborough, the wooden structure around the guillotine gate may be part of the construction process- any thoughts?



altwalton lynch, peterborough 1900 nene.jpg

Alwalton Lynch c.1904 - PETERBOROUGH IMAGES ARCHIVE also has an up to date photo

3 minutes ago, ditchcrawler said:

This may also be of interest Orton Staunch on the River Nene - PETERBOROUGH IMAGES ARCHIVE

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I think that's a flash lock, ie just one guillotine gate. When a boat wants to transit it is lifted and the boat either zooms downstream or is winched upstream as the levels equalise.  I have seen photos of a very similar structure on the Brandon Ouse, near Hockwold. The remains of that are just about visible. I think one can also see the old lock structure downstream of Awalton, though I may be imagining that. One certainly can just below Lower Wellingborough lock (which looks like a 1970 structure rather than a 1930s one).

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