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I lost the key to the padlock on the rear door of my Norman 27


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I used to regularly cut locks off tractor toolboxes......odd thing was a common,heavily advertized brand was very soft under the hard case,and the one that busted the boltcutters was a cheapie brand  with a small dia staple ............since the net has showed every scrote how to pick locks ,its back to putting a 3 ton lump of concrete against the door.

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If you have access to liquid nitrogen, dip the lock in a cup of liquid nitrogen and hit with a hammer. The carbon-steel and low alloys steels used for the case and locking ring are temporarily embrittled or lose impact strength at liquid nitrogen temperature and shatter when subjected to a blow. The brass alloy use in the lock are not significantly affected by low temperature of liquid nitrogen.


Demo of liquid nitrogen being used to break a padlock



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