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Anyone else going to the IWA Festival of water over this weekend?


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No, but I wish them well and all those that attend.


I stopped attending IWA rallies in the 80s.

They're rallies used to highlight somewhere on the system that was in need of attention.  Thus forcing Waterways to refocus their priorities.

I first questioned what was happening when two rallies were held at Hawkesbury within 3 years of each other.

The purpose of campaigning slid down the list of purposes and appeared as part of membership and fund raising.


Of course forming an association with  Waterways and changing the name from National Rally to Festival spoke volumes.

It soon became a Linear Floating Caravan Show.


Only my opinion, based on first being a member in 1966. 

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So boaters have to pay and are an attraction yet the public go free….they have been taking lessons from CRT….and wtf is something encouraging fishing doing at an event that is supposed to be promoting boating. 

The IWA have truly lost the plot. 

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Well we went and had a wonder about, lots of stalls on the main field - mainly food/drink etc. We only saw one trading boat - Jam Butty! - lots of narrowboats moored with bunting over them but they didn't really seem to have a purpose?


We used the free car parking to walk into Worcester along the canal to get some lunch in the City. Found it really nice with tarmacked path all the way. The basin where it meets the Severn was lovely as was the stroll along the Severn itself.  Lovely sunny day out, although mainly for what Worcester itself offered.... not sure we'll be going back to this one (in addition to Crick)..... 


We'd really like to go to a show with lots of trading boats as keen to support the community... which are the best ones as we've not been lucky so far?

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