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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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On this day in 2016



Pelsall Junction BCN W&E. IWA Festival of Water


L2516_20160827-P8277123s.jpg.fa11a747fdebc890d6e57e16c7570347.jpgThe barrier under the bridge is to protect a site of scientific interest along the Cannock Extension which joins the Wyrley and Essington at the junction. It was in place overnight and between boat movements.


The semicurcular bricks from the junction bridge, and from other bridges hereabouts, had been stolen, and the patching was C&RT making the best of it for the Festival



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On this day in 1994



IWA National Festival Waltham Abbey River Lee. It's another lavender boat. Emptying.


And on the site. People get in.  ... ... ... ... ... ... Hmm I wonder why. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ...


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On this day in 2007



L1352_20070828_0013s.jpg.a81b144dbe705e1ae8b03f54c389cc6d.jpgIWA National Festival St Ives River Great Ouse.



Display-boats leaving.





To prevent water from the propellor-bilge overflowing into the boat, and maybe eventually sinking it, particularly when the boat is moored without crew aboard, it is a good idea to have a float-switch, wired to be connected to the battery at all times, and circumventing all master-off-switches: this will operate the bilgepump and empty the propellor-bilge automatically when water reaches the level set.L1352_20070828_0005s.jpg.f18274707ce9ac09ceae9d8b9e96ab42.jpg

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