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Painting a roof black

Paolo Reale

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4 minutes ago, Paolo Reale said:

Are there any practical reasons for not painting a narrow boat roof black?

Hope someone might be able to help.


As suggested by the others heat gain in the summer, mine is red and in the height of the summer I can hardly touch it.

Saying that I've seen plenty with black paint jobs, so maybe it's just me

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2 minutes ago, Machpoint005 said:


It's not the heat that is reflected that's the problem, it's the heat absorbed which warms the volume of air beneath it (inside the boat). Black is the most efficient absorber of both heat and light.

It is actually surprising how much cooler inside my boat is than BSPs in the summer, I suspect my insulation is thicker

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56 minutes ago, magnetman said:

If it's properly insulated I don't think it would make much difference what colour it was. 


Of course it would be uncomfortable walking on it with bare feet but think of all the bacon you could fry. Yum. 

It does! I painted mine a very dark blue and a few years ago the boat was unbearable. Painted much lighter, in the heatwave a couple of years back  it was relatively comfortable, and I've a lot of insulation under the roof.

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