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  1. So if it is terminal - can anyone recommend a less costly replacement? I know Squirrel is meant to be the Rolls Royce of stoves, but I can't afford to simply 'bung on another thousand' right now. Thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone, I recently arrived at my boat after a few weeks away and found an enormous crack across the stove top. Nothing could have dropped on it, and I assumed the cast iron was almost unbreakable. I dare not use it now and I have no alternative heating. Any thoughts - how did it happen - what to do - is this terminal - should I be looking for a new stove - can it be repaired - if so by whom? Thanks! Davo.
  3. Did you know that you can convert just about any bike to an electric bike including a Brompton folding bike - superb for lock-wheeling or shops etc.Kit is expensive at £800 but worth it. Google 'Electric Bike Sales' for details.Davo.
  4. Thanks for all the replies - I have just placed an order for the 1250 deg Victas HT silicone ... Just found a crack in the stove glass, so I guess this needs replacing before the safety cert check in December. Any tips for removing the old glass - can't seem to budge the screws with a screw driver. Cheers - Davo.
  5. I have been using this for a couple of years too - have had no problems or nasty smells ... was recommended to me by long time live aboard boaters and have never looked back ...
  6. Hello Everyone! I have a Morso Squirrel multi-fuel stove installed on my narrowboat. The chimney is attached to the stove top plate as opposed to the back plate. There is some light rust on the collar where the chimney meets the top plate and when I last lit the fire some smoke started leaking from around the collar joint. Does anyone have a recommendation about what to use to seal around the collar? I tried some stove cement but that cracked and flaked off as soon as the stove heated up… Thanks - Davo
  7. What do you use this for? Is it a common design for a weed hatch to be secured using nuts - or is this used for turning the prop? Thanks!
  8. Fantastic! So much knowledge on this forum! Thanks
  9. Sorry can't answer your question but curious about Tapatalk - what are the advantages over Safari access to the forums? Thanks - Davo
  10. Loved the previous post, but got me thinking about that ‘end of gas bottle’ smell. I know it can't be from a leak in the system, so anyone know what causes it? Just curious - Davo
  11. I am interested in any responses to this. I have a Morso squirrel with back boiler fitted but pipes are not connected. I also have a central heating pump installed in the engine bay but not connected to anything. What should I do? If someone could post a diagram it would be appreciated! Davo
  12. Just seen the ad in Towpath for e-canalmapp.co - any one tried it and would care to review? Thanks - Davo
  13. Just had a lovely Sunday lunch at The Dragon at Willington on Trent and Mersey. Excellent quality food, good value. Recommended. **** 4 stars. Davo
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