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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. she was probably a bit miffed about something else & it was a 'valid' (to her) reason to grump, we all have bad days. I think it's good you went & explained, well done eta, i think it's fine to move under the circumstances. if you'd moved just because you wanted to moor next to a mate say then perhaps not
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. excellent Hopefully this will work..... here's where i think it is on google maps (you may have to cut & paste it in) https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.5955667,-1.4173174,226m/data=!3m1!1e3
  6. It's not the top of the Ashby but about 2/3 up I think. There's an interesting dead tree on the offside & a corner field of sunflowers in roughly that area as well I've only been twice 7 & 5 years ago so i could be mistaken but my memory stores things on a map ... i may look for more photos now...i'm finding this intriguing you mean just below Frankton Junct? are there other locks? I've never done the Monty. I'll be up that way in a month or so...
  7. yeah, me too except mine is 4 years old. Not sure the max power thing i use it with though - probably the shaky-bucket which is 150W
  8. It's a curious photo to hang onto - looks 70's or 80's to me but i dont really know about these things I'm trying to upload the photo of mine it reminded me of but it won't let me
  9. I'd rather you were in awe of my looking at a fairly nondescript photo & recognising the sky skills
  10. you're welcome. it was fun - google is brilliant innit
  11. ok so i think it may be here but looking the other way http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-the-ashby-canal-at-shenton-leicestershire-england-uk-19780585.html it's not the llan...i think i would recognise it instantly if it were
  12. Lovely & rural, especially the last section It's the sky & light that makes me think Ashby - i'll try & hunt out some old photos
  13. block the hole with mud? push it into the cut? oh, and as Chertsy says make sure they're wasps first and not bees - i think it's illegal to kill bees. If it's bees just move it to the bank & leave it alone.
  14. I've never even opened the thread. It doesnt annoy me but it is ridiculous to have a No Politics rule and allow a political thread just because it was started by a mod - It just detracts from the rest of the rules. It sends out the signal that some rules can be broken so forum users will have less respect for the rules overall. Like you say, double standards
  15. Then they should ask for the questions to be put in writing. HMRC are not supposed to call up out of the blue and ask open and leading questions like "do you pay for things in cash" They either open an enquiry or they accept the return. have a read of this http://taxaid.org.uk/guides/taxpayers/tax-returns/enquiries Know your rights! Having said that, they do have task forces that concentrate on different sectors eg decorators or landlords etc at a time but their massive computer hoovers up all the data it can (land registry, dvla, social media, insurance etc) and picks the people for them. Then they send them a letter suggesting they may wish to revisit their tax and if that doesn't work they open an enquiry. They dont call people up for this type of targeted thing either though the computer tells them what to do then the top geezas make sweetheart deals with megacorps and get a nice juicy job when they've done their time at hmrc i'm fairly sure thats how it goes
  16. I think you need to re read what we both said taking the context into account I said their brief is to collect the correct amount of tax (as opposed to entrapping people into under/over paying) which is true Gareth says they spend their limited resources collecting as much tax as they can. which is also true - they try and collect as much of the correct amount of tax as they can They dont phone traders up periodically asking questions about paying in cash though as far as i'm aware and if they ever do the correct response is to tell them to put their enquiries in writing
  17. Sounds like you had a pretty poor adviser but i dont think they are trying to entrap people into paying too little tax to get fines, morality aside, the maths doesnt add up as they would only enquire into a small proportion of tax returns so most of the people they 'entrapped' in this way would get away with it. Also, if you've received incorrect advice from them leading to an underpayment then this is a valid excuse so you would have to pay the tax but no penalty Hard to comment on the specifics - if you made a loss then you may indeed not get any tax back - that would depend on if you had other taxable income eligible to absorb any of the losses. I'm surprised they produced a leaflet saying accountants fees are not deductible, but then some accountants fees aren't deductible - it depends what the accountant was advising about I thoroughly agree with your last paragraph. They are getting better at advising new businesses though - how recently was your advice? Also, as demonstrated by Kev's question, there often isnt a simple answer to "can i claim for this?" - especially for small start ups where a lot of expenses will have duality of purpose Can i ask why you just didnt get an accountant to do your return?
  18. but their advice appears to be correct - see my answer re duality of purpose HMRC's brief isnt to collect the maximum amount of tax as many people think - it is to collect the correct amount of tax or maybe i'm missing your point...?
  19. Whilst i agree with you, i must admit i have on a couple of occasions had a "bf who's out with the dog" but only for guys who were acting drunk and intrusive where i thought "not interested - go away" would just lead to more bother. I dont think i can add to Starcoaster's advice. I did used to point out to folks asking intrusive 'where do you moor/where are you going' type questions that not everyone was happy to answer personal questions but no matter how nicely i said it some people still took offence so i dont bother now - i'm either very vague or i just tell em a lie There's loads of us single handed females out there, you'll be fine Tristesse
  20. The general rule (ie for things not specifically otherwise mentioned in the legislation) is that for an expense to be deductible it must be wholly & exclusively for the purposes of the trade. So any expense with duality of purpose (ie part business part private) is not allowable. Fortunately there is also some case law that says that for expenses with duality of purpose, if the business part can be clearly and separately identified then it would be unreasonable for HMRC to disallow it. So this allows a deduction for some 'mixed' expenses - but only if the business part can be clearly and separately identified. So whether the expenses you mention would be deductible depends on your circumstances. eg If your boat was only used for trading (you didnt live on it and never used it for leisure) then you could deduct all the licence fee If you lived on it then it may be possible to deduct some of the licence fee - but only if the business proportion is clearly identifiable. So in my opinion, you shouldn't have a problem deducting the business uplift you mention but if you wanted to deduct more then you would have to have a method of apportioning it where the business part is calculated on part of the boat that is wholly & exclusively used for business Acceptable methods of apportionment could be floor area eg if you had say a cabin that you only used for the trade then that proportion of the whole licence may be allowable. Or say if you only used it for trade in the day but for personal use in the evenings then you could apportion by area and time - the important thing is that while it is being used for the trade it is only being used for the trade The same principles apply to all the other expenses you mention. Hopefully this makes sense - sadly there isn't an easy answer
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. I recently had a post removed because "it might be taken the wrong way by the OP" which is quite ironic as it was the mod who didn't have the intelligence to understand the post hopefully the power crazed newbie mods will calm down soon
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