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  1. Anyone know when it's due to open? I thought it originally was due to open in "the spring"
  2. Athy, I was outbid, unfortunately I was in hospital when the auction ended, reckon I had more important things on my mind at the time.
  3. Yes, I can understand the so called " continuous moorers" taking the vacant spots but why were they not advertised on the website? It seems to me that it is a bit of a con and it all depends on who you know, really pisses me off!!
  4. Due to health issue and the need to attend hospital at Coventry several times a week I decided 18 months ago that I would try and move my mooring from Braunston to Coventry (around Hawksbury) I spoke to the mooring manager and asked to be kept informed of any vacancies that were likely to come up. I watch the CRT website virtually daily and in all that time I think there has been only one suitable vacancy advertised. I do find this really odd as the number of boats moored in this area is pretty large, surly there should of been some movement in this length of time. Has anyone else had a similar experience or can give me their thoughts on this. Thanks Martyn. l
  5. Graham Freeman did mine, he was excellent. Based in Northampton.
  6. I've got an enlarged photo of my Staffordshire bull terrier stuck to my window saying "welcome to my home" never had any problems!
  7. Martyndj


    There has been some severe pruning work done around Braunston a few weeks ago, I don't know how far they went though
  8. Yes I live aboard and have done for the past 4 years but my situation has changed during the past 18 months. I have squirrel fire in my 60ft boat which will stay. I unfortunately have an illness, which, one of the side effects is that my immune system is very low, I'm therefore trying to minimise some potential health problems by ensuring the rear of the boat (bedroom & bathroom) remains at a decent temperature during cold weather.
  9. Hi Mike, I was advised to look at diesel system but to be honest I didn't really understand a lot of what was said and I have no experience of any of the alternatives, which is why I asked for help on here, I'm not the most technically minded person I'm afraid. Cheers
  10. I would like 2 radiators fitted in the rear of my narrowboat (bedroom and bathroom) I haven't got any idea of the sort of heating system I need, can anyone advise as to what I need and possibly give me a ball park figure as to costs please. Many thanks Martyn.
  11. Advert say's it's a springer
  12. I'm looking at putting a tv wall bracket up, my question is I will be drilling into wood cladding, what do I need to ensure it stays up, (it's only a 22" Cello tv) raw plugs etc. I'm not the most practical of person so any help would be useful. Thanks Martyn
  13. They were doing Braunston a couple of weeks ago........a really good cut back too
  14. It's been advertised at 350 berths
  15. Is your friend going to live aboard? Just wondered what their view is and are they allowing it.
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