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  1. Hi, The main reason that I ....... and possibly many other browsers do not brows the site very often is because there are so many threads that go off topic ...... this hardly ever happens on other websites that I visit. Could there be a facility to highlight when a thread goes way off topic ? I'd be interested to see if other members agree. Thanks, Mark.
  2. We tie a gocart tyre to the front cabin roof corners, our cabin is taller than most so it's nearer the low tunnel arch in the Harecastle. Just a precaution !
  3. I have the basic fon simple it needs to be plugged into the service providers home modem - bt, talk talk, virgin etc. once you have registered your fon at home you will then have a user name & password. Then when cruising if you can pick up a bt wifi on your PCs, tablet or phones wifi setting you will be asked to log in ...... Use your fon password & login to access the bt wifi. That's it Mark.
  4. Milliput Can be applied under water. I know a boater who had same problem, it allowed him to continue his holiday. Mark.
  5. Go Outdoors will price match and give 10% off plus free delivery on Numax. I bought the 97ah with 3 year warranty. Worth a try. Mark.
  6. BT do a sim only - 4G 20GB, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts & access to BT wifi .... £25 for non BT customers BUT only £20 if a BT customer. http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/products/4g-sim-only-plans/bb.html Mark.
  7. Hi All, On our 2007 Sea Otter the flush pump packed up the other day & after a bit of head scratching I found out how to access & replace the pump. The white handle pulls off. The control panel is located on two small lugs & is prised upwards to release. Under this panel is a shallow trough which justs lifts out. Now it is possible to see into the whole flush tank. The blue pump just hangs in the bottom of the tank on the end of a hose pipe. I managed to unclip the white fitting at the seat end, where the flush water is pumped out into the bowl. Its a tight fit, this shows undernea
  8. Channelglaze gave good service when I needed a replacement window glass, rubber seal etc. Mark.
  9. I'm surprised no one has mentioned that some of the mooring rings have been cut off ( with an angle grinder ? ). Hope they check when they have a look. The alternate ones were cut flush when we moored there in July.
  10. This type of handle can be usefull to protect the entry hole, cheap as well. Mark
  11. If your fittings are the flush / flat type the solution is to cover the glass with a yellow film of 'see through' plastic. Our previous owner had done this because the white light was too harsh. A lot cheaper than changing lights. Mark.
  12. Chap on eBay made if for me - 3mm marine stainless steel - its a deterent .
  13. I think JR is in part relating to BT wifi not just 3g Mark
  14. Hi JR, Before I purchased a router I used the free version of 'connectify' - http://www.connectify.me/ I just looked at the website & there are a few anoying pop ups ! BUT the basic free version once downloaded worked well. As for my present router its - http://www.crucialwifi.co.uk/Alfa_R36_Wireless_N_Network_Router_Range_Extender_for_Awus036H /p740998_3971490.aspx Mark
  15. May be of use to someone - A friend's Technodrive box was leaking at the join ( between the 2 halves ). It was due to excessive pressure within the casing & was solved by changing the breather to one without a ball & spring inside. ( The Technodrive factory do a mod for all future installations). The area where the leak was cleaned ( using thinners ) & a 'fabric' patch doused in silicone was strapped in position. Its been running without a leak for 2 years now. Mark
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