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  1. lazyboy

    Isuzu paint

    Boots blue, as in boots the chemist. available from a company called Cromadex who supplied the original paint to HMIsuzu.
  2. lazyboy


  3. It may be that the governor lever is sticking. On these engines the four fuel pumps are connected within the crankcase by a steel rack. When you stop the engine the governor rack is pushed forward toward the end cover to the stop position. It is possible that when re-energising the start solenoid the stop/run lever falls to the start position and the engine goes through its start up sequence but the governor rack has not moved and remains in the stopped position. This then stops any fuel going to the pumps and injectors. As the engine is cranking the governor lever eventually falls open and fuel flows.
  4. The build number 02 is a Lister standard variable speed code number.In this particular engine that was the criteria used to ensure that the engine passed a specific production test. This would have been a series of dynamometer measurements taken at full load after the engine had completed a 45 minute staged running in process. For this particular engine that would have been 13.4kw @ 3000rpm. Only after completing and passing the standard production test (LS81) could the build 9 (LS145 procedure) be implemented. This would have been a set of instructions for the final speed and governor settings that were specific to that engine. That particular engine started its life as an industrial special build.
  5. 410061LPW2A902 The number 9 means the engine was a special build. The 02 means the engine was originally built and tested as a variable speed with a 100% maximum power setting of 13.4 kw @ 3000rpm. After the completion of the standard dynamometer production test which was known as the LS81 there would of been specific instructions (build 9) for final speed and torque governor settings for that engine. It certainly was not built as a marine propulsion engine as it would of had a designated build number beginning with a 4
  6. During my four years working for the HMIsuzu mariniser in Gloucestershire,changes were not made to Speed settings or governed torque output after marinisation. The engines were as set by the Japanese manufacturer to their published torque output figures for industrial engines.
  7. The black paint is the original engine primer sprayed to the cast metal surfaces by Isuzu. The primer sprayed on by the mariniser was a product called barcote.
  8. benford or thwaites construction machinery had yellow listers
  9. The original factory fitting should of included loctite thread retainer and a flat plain washer on each bolt. How old is the engine/gearbox.
  10. Isuzu 70 marine engines were marinised from two models of automotive engines. These are 4JG1 PK and 4JG1 PV. Filters were interchangeable with both models. I believe the automotive variant engines were possibly used in isuzu trooper 4x4.
  11. During my time employed as an engine tester at Listers, All canal star engines were tested with a fail safe electrical protection system incorporating an oil pressure sensor fitted into the crankcase cam gallery and a water temperature sensor fitted into the water pump housing. These were connected via the wiring loom to an energize to run fuel control solenoid conected to the fuel rack shut off. If the engine suffered a loss of coolant or loss of lubrication oil or drive belt failure to the water pump,the solenoid would shut down the engine safely and before any major damage could occure. The engine could only be restarted with the manual operation of a system overide button.
  12. I am sure the HM Isuzu company started in 1999. I believe isuzu engines were marinised by beta marine in 1989 that is why yours is painted red.
  13. Bob Cantwell, Hedley Beavis, and Martyn Harris remained with Isuzu for a few months but all left the company in 2009.
  14. All of the engine production workforce and clerical staff employed in gloucestershire were made redundant at the end of 2008 when the company moved to newcastle.
  15. lazyboy

    Lister age hrw2

    Your original number 191HW2M18 donates that your engine was the 191st HW2 built to a M (marine specification).The build type 18 would give the engine assembly track fitters the list of parts required to build the engine as a marine specification. There should be some preceding numbers to the ones posted which will give you the exact year of build.
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