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  1. Is it just a badly welded plate. The letters and numbers on mine aren't etched or anything just poor welded letters
  2. It's a 2007 boat I've found one I. The engine bay which is just a metal plate with the numbers welded onto it??
  3. Hi can anyone tell me where you'd find the vin number on a Liverpool boats please cheers
  4. Hi does anyone have any recommendations for a marina/permanent mooring in the Cannock or Shropshire telford areas please. Needs to be able to fit a 62' boat currently moored in Lichfield but works moved Thanks
  5. Inspecting the hatch at the rear of my boat there is a pool of water about 5mm deep. A couple of months ago my calorifier decided to dump all 55l of water into boay which I thought I'd all mopped up. Could this pool of water be coming from back then? The other inspection hatches middle and front show damp on the floor but only damp no water. Which I'm assuming can be put down to condensation? There are no pipes leaking as far as I can tell but this pool of water reappears every week or so since clarifier leak. This boat larks a real learning curve ?
  6. All sorted was thermostatic valve ?
  7. Cheers mate, mine is all set up like that, as soon as the pump kicks in its freezing cold, so I'm assuming the hot cold valve is faulty. I've ordered another one so well see. Cheers for all your help
  8. Yeah it makes no difference butthehot water is in calorifier
  9. OK guys, cheers I found the info on expansion tank. Now the hot is there at the start then goes milder then as soon as pump kicks in its cold. I'm guessing this must be the mixer valve allowing too much cold in? And then when pump kicks in it just goes straight through??
  10. Right I've just changed the pipes back to the way it's supposed to be so the cold in is going to the mixer and the hot out is coming off the prv. Now if I turn off the cold water supply the hot water is really hot. So I'm assuming the mixer is at fault! But I don't understand why there's an expansion tank on the hot out pipes? Shouldn't it be on the cold in? I have an accumulator tank by pump and this expansion tank is by calorific on the hot out run!
  11. Hmm as it stands at the moment mine is the opposite way around? Yet I'm.hetting more hot water at taps? I'm confused
  12. OK guys soiswappes the pipes around the cold water Inis attached now to the top hot cold fitting and the hot is Coming from where the prv valve is. I now have lots of hot water but is this the way it should be? It seems wrong to me Cheers
  13. Hi guys thanks for speedy replies. So this boat is new to me, in fact it's my first ever boat. So the top pipe goes onto an expansion tank. I cracked the top connector and a load of air came rushing out Hmm I think pipes are wrong way round now looking at it. The expansion tank should be on the cold line, correct?
  14. Good morning everybody, I have a 55l surecal twin coil calorifier. Also connected to this is an eberspacher. The e researcher makes all the raciators really hot but after a few hours you just get literally half a litre of hot water through taps. When plugged in to the emersion the same thing. Any ideas please? Cheers
  15. Haha, I actually thought that was what that button did. I'm learning everyday.
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