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  1. Yeah this, sorry all. I'll try to be a bit clearer in future. 👍 Engine numbers match the original paperwork with boat. Am I right in thinking that if somebody were to fit a flexible coupling that they'd have to cut of some of the shaft in order to fit it?
  2. Hmmm no I think I'll have a go, it's done me well most my life so far. I'm looking up and reading plenty. If I mess it up then so be it 😉
  3. Here you can see where original mounts sat, which would have put adjusting thread 20mm further forward than it is now, sorry I meant shaft not tube
  4. Yeah, the hole is m16 I've decided I'm going to replace the mounts with the correct 140mm mounts. I'm assuming I can undo the coupling, hoist the engine up using a chain lift. Cut 20mm off end of tube and then replace engine and tube. Please telle if this is fantasy? Oh and it is no grease stern tube. I'm going to get a professional in to realign On another note, how do I know if my coupling is flexible or not? I'm thinking if it's not when I do all this I might as well fit one. But no idea which one I have
  5. OK, so if I do that then the dimensions whether there 140mm or 100mm shouldn't matter? If I did decide to move engine back whqt would that entail. Does the prop shaft just slide through stern gland? Or will I need to undo the fittings?
  6. Sorry just rechecked there a 100mm. Now the ones Im supposed to have are 35 shore hardness. Is this all I need to go on as I've found some that are the same dimensions
  7. I'm just going on what I have read on the web. My engine is a 42hp isuzu. All the mounts I've found for it are 140mm bolt to bolt but the current ones are 110mm The boat shakes excessively with engine running but then 2 of the mounts have become like putty so it could be that. Unless there areounts suitable for my engine at 110mm? Engine doesn't look to low as it enters stern gland
  8. Yep just felt plenty of space there, so next question as I'm new to this ? can I move it back easily, can I do it with boat in water?
  9. The previous owner of my boat has at some point put on engine mounts thwt are too small for the engine. The original mounts should be 140mm bolt to bolt but he has used 110mm. In doing so the engine has been moved back. So I'm going to replace mounts as there soft anyway. My question is will I need to cut prop shaft when moving engine forward again? I'm assuming he just moved it back when he replaced mounts. I know engine will need realigning which I'm going to get a professional to do but I'd rather replace mounts myself to keep costs down Cheers John
  10. Hi all, I am going to be changing the engine mounts on my boat soon. Is it possible to somehow jack up the engine enough to change one mount at a time? I'd rather do it myself than pay somebody, and I have someone coming to help realign Cheers
  11. Hi, yeah I've looked at that one but it says spaces upto 60' unfortunately we're 62'
  12. Hi we need somewhere the cannock/Telford area and this place seems OK location wise. Does anyone have any experience of the place. There doesn't seem much info on the web. Can't find email address
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