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  1. Chambo


  2. Thanks for your thoughts, when I flushed and refilled the cooling system I made sure (as is reasonably practical) to remove any air, venting from the top of the skin tank and running the engine until the thermostat opened, I'm fairly happy that I removed all the air. I have picked the boat up from the boat yard today after having it shot blasted and 'two packed', I questioned the boat builder as to the thickness of the paint around the skin tank area, I couldn't print his reply suffice to say the thickness was in mm's not microns. The journey home involves going against the current on the river Trent which is also carrying quite a lot of excess water, the engine consequently was working hard and the temperature gauge hardly moved, I'm reluctant to say that was the problem but I suppose I'll only find out through use. Thanks for the info, I'm currently running at about a 40% mix
  3. It's not one with a replaceable impeller but it's a possibility, how would you check?
  4. The hull was last blacked three years ago, I must admit I have wondered about the thickness of the blacking in the past the boat being 25years old and blacked roughly every other year, but that shouldn't be a problem now as the bottom as been grit basted back to bare metal and "two packed". I won't know if that was the problem though until I fetch it back from the boatyard. As for the temperature of the water returning from the skin tank I cannot say as I have not thought to feel the hoses when it's occurred.
  5. Probably should have added that it is a "closed system with keel cooling" and in reply to the two replies I've already had, the system has been properly filled and vented. As to the actuall size of the skin tank without measuring it I couldn't say but prior to last year when the problem first occurred it has never been an issue. ivan
  6. I have a problem with my Lister Petter canal star engine overheating in certain situations, if I'm just pottering about on the canal there doesn't seem to be any problems, however if I work the engine hard i.e. against the current on the river the engine gradually overheats to the point where I have to slow to tick over to let the temperature drop, coolant level is ok, oil level is ok plus the quality of the oil is good ( recent oil and filter change). The coolant system was flushed 18 months ago and the coolant replaced with distilled water and good quality antifreeze at a ratio of 40% as recommended in the Lister workshop manual, I would add that since the flush and change of coolant the boat has probably run about two months total running. I have my own theory and I'm leaning towards a faulty thermostat but would be interested to hear other opinions. thanks ivan.
  7. Thanks Ken,I'll certainly look into that but the hob and grill are not affected on my cooker and the thermostat on the oven certainly seems to be operating as it should, shutting the gas down when the oven gets up to temperature, it seems to be a zonal issue to me, hot at the top cold at the bottom, but it's certainly something to look at
  8. That's exactly how I feel about it, I appreciate it's not fan assisted but you'd expect the oven to be hot and still cook. When the oven has been on for a while and the thermostat has lowered the gas you can put your hand in the oven and the temperature difference between top and bottom is really noticeable to the point where you can actually leave your hand in at the bottom for considerably longer than at the top.
  9. The old cooker we took out when we had the galley done cooked much better than the new one and you're right they are extracting the urine. I've been in touch with citizens advice and they have said my 'beef' is with the supplier not Thetford and it's up to me to prove the cooker is faulty, that might be the case in law but if you could see the email I had from Thetford you'd see how I feel it is with them!
  10. We have a Spinflo Aspire cooker fitted in our boat, it is just over three years old, as we don't live on our boat and only use it for holidays the cooker has not had an awful lot of use. In the time we've had it the oven has been a big disappointment, it really does not cook as it should, for example if my wife tries to bake a cake it takes twice as long as it should and the cake on the middle shelf will be raw in the middle. On a recent trip two horse-shoe gammons, one on the top shelf, one on the shelf below (2" lower), top cooked, lower one uncooked. Four hours for a jacket potato! Thetford tell me there is nothing wrong with the oven and it's sold as a 'leisure' cooker and I shouldn't expect it to behave like the cooker at home, well I don't expect it to be the same as our home cooker but I do expect it to cook food. Has anyone else got this cooker? I'd be interested to have you opinions of the oven performance.
  11. Hi Stephen, thanks for the info, my cousin has seen the pictures and is happy that this is his old boat, cheers Ivan
  12. Hi, can anyone help, I'm trying to trace a boat, she was a 60 ft boat with 9 portholes down each side built by a boat builder in Boston. She was sold out of Sawley marina 21 years ago, her paint scheme was blue and cream. I have the original owners over here with me (they emigrated to Spain) who would love to have seen her again before they go back home or know what became of her. Sorry just to clarify her name was Boston Belle. thanks Ivan
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions, RLWP seems to be most people's favourite, can anyone furnish me with his contact details
  14. Hi can anyone recommend a good diesel fitter/engineer in the Nottingham/Derby/Leicester area, ideally one who specialises in fault finding. I've exhausted my knowledge and that of quite a few other people from this forum.
  15. Thanks for everyone's input I have a couple more things to try now, I'll keep you posted!
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