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  1. We moor at the island by the cunning man pub and its a 2 hr stint from the Thames normally ,The island to say the Rowbarge is normally about 5 1\2 houyswithout delays
  2. JV44

    Midgham lock K&A

    With travellers causing mayhem just below that bit I wonder how long the Genny will stay put ,to heavy to lift out will be it’s saving grace I guess
  3. Port meadow is beautiful but shallow on the edges ,easy to run aground admiring the view ,if you don’t need supplies Child Beale is a beautiful spot to moor Bell and Dragon mooring if you eat their is free in Reading but ring up to book it We did Kings to Goring in a day so Child Beale is only another 1/2 hour on from there Days lock bookable mooring gives you the chance to walk up Wittenam Clumps for the panoramic view if you have time
  4. JV44

    Midgham lock K&A

    Yes boat sunk but waiting for surveyors so Tuesday at earliest to refloat I heard ,live locally so going to take a drive over for a look later
  5. If its headed upstream then the islands just above Moulsford railway bridge is a good spot to hide
  6. what dog have you got out of interest? we have a young Shepherd pup ourselves so a gentle first holiday up the Kennet is called for until she knows what is expected of her
  7. Many of my boating friends live aboard and the ones I know personally are all nice folks ,as said earlier the terms of the lease stipulate no liveaboard it is a great base for weekend boaters to give easy access to the Thames without Thames mooring rates ,as has been said clubs can be clicky or backward looking but I like to think this new committee is forward thinking and trying to make it a great place to be It will not suit everyone but if anyone feels it may then please get in touch and come and have a look round
  8. The new guard would prefer peeps to want to engage in the socials and work parties ...not necessarily every one but to build team spirit if you will ,we want to change stuff for the better of everyone and use carrot rather than the old stick
  9. Members of other clubs affiliated to AWCC which we are can moor therefor a donation whilst they are in the areaway pre booking with our mooring secretary providing boats are out and there is space at the time of asking ,reciprocal for our member if they are traveling top north for eg with other boat clubs in the scheme
  10. Mike I won that last year with a majestic throw into the canal lol ,we are working at trying to get a understanding committee in place and at the end of the day it is cheap moorings coz we do the work ourselves Understanding is improving about circumstances of non attendance work parties or socials and to be 'legal' then 3 of 6 work parties and half of the socials will see you safe Socials are now along the lines of race nights/film nights/silly games and beer ... The strictly no live aboard thing is the terms of our lease and well it is what it is Been their nearly a decade now and its prob a lot friendlier than some remember ,we are trying to make it less autocratic Anyone interested why not apply come and have a look round and see what you feel then ......
  11. Numbers wise you will catch more fishing small paddle tail shads around an inch long on a 3 gram jig head jigged across the bottom ,twitch and wind and stop watch the line most plucks on the fall of the lure Yellow coloured braid helps see the pick ups better and 8 lab bs braid is a good starting point ,floor trace to jig hook and if Pike become problematic then a wire trace in say 15lb soft wire is better Let the jig settle properly after casting before retrieving ,HTO Rockfish ul lure rod to a 1000 size reel and your away I have done a lot of UL lure fishing in the last few years and drops hotting just doesn't compete number of fish wise with Jigging on the canal imo
  12. Naughty cal we have seen a fair bit of antisocial behaviour on that bank by the swimming pool with the local roofs ,esp after dark when the break in to go swimming and drive the wardens buggy around at stupid speed ...just a heads up
  13. JV44

    Tesco's Reading

    The Ubique on the Thames has stayed between Pangbourne meadows and Goring for the past couple of years mainly downstream end of Child Beale
  14. JV44

    Tesco's Reading

    Pete that one turned up left at Goring lock waiting in the summer supposedly broke down ,locky got it moved to wall moorings and its engine was running fine when charging batteries after lock hours He was up in court for no licence the next day and they wouldn't let him continue using Unique as someone else had taken the name in the 2 years he was unlicenced ...he was not happy but Karma in action He has upset the new manager on Child Beale through constant overstaying and been thrown off Goring field bits by the fishing bailiff a few times for overstaying ,goes to work every day as a gardener i believe just don't like paying and his sort will see mooring gone at even Child Beale eventually i believe i bailiff that bit of river for the fishing club [Child Beale ] and as many fishermen are anti boating they will use examples like this fella to cajole land owners to ban mooring ,the fishing syndicate at Cleve lock area certainly did....not that they needed to try hard after that boat did what it did Steve Unique not Unique doh slap head icon
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