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  1. Thanks very much for the replies. I thought as it was fluro-carbon that I may get away with the heavier line and actually since then never gave it another thought, seems obvious so i'll change that up :-) thanks for the advice. Hope the canal clears up again so I can see them chasing it about again, definitely fun fishing the dropshot even when I don't catch.
  2. Hello all, Looking for some advice. I have recently been lure fishing whilst living on my Narrowboat in the Midlands (normally between Milton Keynes and Welford). I have recently been drop-shotting and even though apparently more of a winter method had some great fish in the summer dropping it in at likely structural points where you'd expect to find perch waiting to pounce. My problem is now that winter is well and truly here and the water is quite clear I've managed to watch sizable perch approach my dropshot jelly, have a good look, bob around it, nudge it and bugger off....countless times. I'm currently using braided mainline with a fluro-carbon-leader (10Ib strength) and tried multiple size and colour of lure. In summer I've caught good perch out of the same area but would love to get better at the dropshot technique...anyone know where i'm going wrong? I would be keen to do catch these on a jelly rather than just popping a worm on or going back to floating a maggot......any experienced dropshot heads here?? cheers, Pete
  3. Hello all, just to tie up a few loose ends with this. The chap in question did turn out to be legit, he was just pretty slow at replies and I had to chase a bit but talking to him after he apologised and did have every intention of sorting the issue. So what was it....a bit of crap on the end of the pietzo (sp?) ignition, though I didn't want to take this apart myself even though it turned out to be really simple. So all's well that ends well, thanks very much for the good advice as per usual :-)
  4. sorry, missed that, there is a spark but my dad and I thought it looked pretty weak , that and given there is ample gas it s going to be suspect as others have said.
  5. Thankyou for all the advice, I haven't been back to the boat just yet and will be able yo have a poke around and try these things when I return. Nothing really 'should' have corroded as the unit is new. Just to clarify ( should have stated this earlier) my back cabin as such has been converted to kitchen with an engine sitting at the back, it's a curious setup but not a bedroom. Thanks again for the advice, i will need to try and contact the guy again, I wouldn't mind if he also doesn't invoice me as id get it sorted elsewhere but I will try and get in contact with him as I haven't yet had a receipt for the unit.
  6. Had a browse, can't seem to find the chaps name or business name on the gas register, though interestingly he does apparently visit the brokerage to check gas work off so id assume perhaps the business name has changed. Interestingly I found an old post on here recommending him, maybe he's just forgetful and needs hounding a bit, but not exactly convenient.
  7. spot on I will check his name in the register. He said he didn't mind either way so we agreed he could pick it up at no extra charge, it was in its packaging, I have since asked for a receipt when I suspected the pilot wasn't quite right but still waiting for the reply as yet.
  8. Maybe I have been a bit daft here but as he was recommended by the chandlery who are also party of a big brokerage (without naming it) and understood he did work for them, id assumed he must be kosher and didn't actually check, perhaps he is, the slow replies are making me bit suspicious however, I have only parted with 300quid for the boiler, chimney vent unit and installation so far though.
  9. Ah that's not good to hear, I did contact the fitter who I had recommended by a local chandlery, I've only paid for materials cost so far ( just enough to cover boiler really). Since the fitter asked for my details to send an invoice I asked them about the problem and haven't had a reply since, nor an invoice either. Its a brand new unit so it did seem strange to have to twist and click it so dam much. I guess I should attempt to get him to come sort it (?) that's if he replies, thanks for the advice as I wasn't sure if they were just very stubborn.
  10. Hope someone may have a little more experience with morco boilers. I have just had one installed and the pilot is infuriatingly stubborn to light. I know It suggests depressing the gas knob for a while but it gasses my whole back cabin out and after countless turns still wont light, until, suddenly after I leave it, give up, go back, try again, give up and eventually try again it will. I just wondered if they are always this stubborn or if there may be a problem, as said, I've tried holding the gas knob in but it stinks the cabin out and also the hob lights instantly so there seems to be no air in the system, any advice hugely appreciated :).
  11. Thank you, that's useful to know, I think the only close call will be the deck drains but I have a few boards that I think will be fairly easy to left up and remove ballast from :-)
  12. Happy Ending, The sellers came down £7000 for the repairs, but with the repairs quoted at £10,000 it still wasn't going to be worth my while! However, I called a boatyard back home who had over-plated areas on the waterline on my previous project of a boat. They did a really good welding job and it was great to be in the yard with them last summer, on calling them they gave me a far more cost effective quote which meant I was able to make it all work and i'm over the moon to have the work being done by a yard that I know and trust. I also found an insurer who was able to insure the boat without a recent survey which means I can get it home fully covered before the work is done via the advice of the survey. (Just in-case the worst should happen). The boatyard i'm heading home to is Grand junction boatyard at Gayton by the way, they were really good for us last time. cheers all :-)
  13. Thanks Woteva and Neil. The contact at Virginia Currer communicated that the seller was apparently in no rush for the sale and it sounded like VC were going to advertise it again and offer any prospective buyers the chance to buy my survey (with my permission). But you never know.
  14. UPDATE: The VC boatyard at Iver quoted 10,000 for the entirety of the over-plating on the base plate plus epoxy treatment so far so good, however the sellers wont come down to include this in the sale, at this point I think it's a full gone conclusion that the sale will fall through, thanks for all your advice on this though, very much appreciated, a bit of a gutting end but one of those things.
  15. I think comment was meant with best intentions but yeah, spot on Mike, I do want the boat, it does tick boxes for me, pretty sure I havent got bargain of the century as it needs alot of TLC, I like doing that however. I know alot would have probably recoiled if they saw the state of the paint and the bits it needs doing, but I do recognise that if the sellers wont come down for the cost of the repairs I will have to walk (though theres no reason to think they won't as yet), crossing fingers :-)
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