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  1. The danger from CO detectors is a subtle one. Just as the wearing of seat belts has encouraged people to feel safe driving faster, CO detectors encourage people to worry less about maintaining their stoves and gas appliances. When CO detectors first came along and were quite expensive, I had a string of customers tell me in all seriousness they had invested in one because it would save them money, it being cheaper than having their boiler regularly serviced. Quite shocking to meet this attitude face to face in real life.
  2. WHAT????!!!!!! Maybe you weren't paying attention or maybe my memory is warped, but ISTR endless arguments and total uproar at the time over both those measures before each became law, in the teeth of heavy opposition from the libertarians.
  3. I can see the auction getting wrecked by jokers bidding it up to £1.5m or something. Which would seem appropriate given the seller's obvious sense of humour.
  4. Paradoxically, going up a flight always seems less work and faster than going down.
  5. Widening the discussion, is anyone considered responsible for trees that fall like this, or are such incidents considered an Act of God? I'm wondering if the owners of RAVENSDALE (or their insurers) have any claim in law against the owner of the tree, or whether the owner has an automatic defence that it was an Act of God. When I moored at Clifton the owners took the view that if I was worried about the stability of any trees I was free to employ my own tree surgeon to fix whatever my concern was, and the state of the trees was none of their concern. Might this policy come back and bite them on the bum in the case of RAVENSDALE?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. I'm not sure, but isn't there more than one engine running there in that video?
  8. There were two lads outside my boat late the other night. One as drinking battery acid, the other eating fireworks, so I called the Police. The arrested the lads, and later I heard they had charged one and let the other one off.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. If only there was a such a thing...
  11. Also, consider the massive impact on your poor tenants if you decide it was all a big mistake and you want your house back. There is social responsibility in renting out your house, not to be taken lightly.
  12. Congratulations!! This engine will bring you more joy and pleasure than any Mitsubishi or Kubota lump ever could. And always remember the following about the naysayers... "Any man who fails to fall in love with a vintage diesel, has no soul". ~ MtB ~
  13. I passed a Transit van on the hard shoulder of the M25 last year, with the engine running away. HUGE plume of grey smoke from the exhaust I could see as I approached, plus more smoke gushing out the front wheel arches. Could hear it screaming from inside the cab of my comfy van with all the windows shut as I passed. Two blokes standing on the hard shoulder about 50ft away, looking panickily at it. I'd have stood even further away.... Was most impressive.
  14. Otherwise known as a "dead man's shoe" around here!
  15. The interesting thing about house builder snagging lists is give the same house to two different people, and they would each come with wildly different snagging lists. Same happens with new boats. So it is in the builders' interest to just throw the house up with only the most cursory checks, then hand it over and let the customer come up with the things they find unacceptable. This is what house builders have learned to do and why everyone moans about poor new build quality.
  16. LiFePO4 batteries being the exception to this, which is why they are being widely adopted in electric cars and in aircraft.
  17. I have to take issue with you here. Youngsters are more tuned in to politics nowadays than they have been for a generation at least, possibly two. Ask anyone between 17 and say 30 if they have any views on Brexit or climate change if you don't believe me.
  18. Same here. If the engine does not respond to East Start being sprayed in, there must either be no compression, or the OP is not spraying it in the right hole. He mentioned a couple of times he is using a cheaper rip-off version of Easy Start, not the real thing. This is quite likely the explanation. If he is spraying say WD40 in the air intake, it definitely still won't start.
  19. I very much doubt anyone is offended, why would they be? Most of us here are just concerned that accurate, peer-reviewed information and advice is posted here. If anyone posts something that appears to be technically wrong or misleading, people will pop up to say so and question it. This is all that is happening. If you are sure of your ground then please feel free to push back and explain why you are right. Its expected really. This is how the forum maintains its high standard of technical advice and information. The ensuing debates themselves are usually very enlightening! Anyway welcome to the forum. and I'm sorry if I gave the impression I was offended by your posts. I'm not. Do keep posting but expect to be challenged if anyone thinks you're wrong about something. And feel free to do the same back!
  20. Not for me it isn't. The question now has to be 'what details'? I'll have another look on his profile...
  21. Most puzzling. I wasn't querying whether he is so qualified, I was asking where on the forum you are finding this. I can't find it so there must be a forum corner somewhere I haven't discovered, hence my curiosity! Where did you find this, please? Fanx!
  22. I think when the shyte hits the fan, mahoosive pressure from the Great British Public will come to bear on the gummint to keep the canals going. Almost all peeps out there have a massive affection for canals, most of thems havin' never even bin in a bote.
  23. You're doing it wrong!!! Bizzard is doing it right ....
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