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  1. Good point, I have recently sent out a pre 1998 engine, which had a very different set up using brass barbs fitted to one of the cooling pipes Richard
  2. The washers are copper, you don't need any sealant. When you tighten them, don't go mad. The 'bolts' are hollow and have a hole drilled across them, if you overtighten them they break (experience talking there...) The spill rails are available, it isn't a difficult job, you should only have to bleed the fuel filter - and with certain setups you might no have to do that either Richard
  3. Could you post some pictures of what you have please? I can probably identify the parts from that Richard
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Yes, I'll try and scan it for you before the weekend Richard
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. yes, and John Williamson above has already volunteered to scan them for you Richard
  8. That's it. That's the Marine Standard Electric Start Panel, which matches wiring diagram 10.5 Richard
  9. What instruments does your panel have? That should identify it Richard
  10. The grey box contains relays and circuit breakers Richard
  11. A bit of a mixture. I've 'broken in' to three houses, a hotel room and a boat that way, and two houses by cat burglary Richard
  12. Peter Thompson of Marine Engine Services - his name is at the bottom and the document is on his website Richard
  13. I'm trying to remember how many times I have used that - to get into at least three houses and a boat that I can remember easily Richard
  14. Down the chimbley of course - that was the last piece of advice before he succeeded Richard
  15. Yes. I had spoken to my neighbour, gone home, made a tool and opened their front door in the time it took them to go around to peer into the back door. They fitted a new front door with a proper deadlock after that Richard
  16. Do you mean an ordinary 'front door' type yale lock? Richard
  17. I agree. Chances are there is something wrong inside the engine, and the chances or diagnosing it from outside are slim, the chances of fixing it from the outside even more so Richard
  18. That isn't how high lift cams are made. If they were, you wouldn't be able to thread them through the bearings in the block. High lift cams have a smaller diameter base circle Richard
  19. The manual is here: http://the-norfolk-broads.co.uk/downloads/bmc1500L-diesel-workshop-manual.pdf Richard
  20. I'd say that was pretty fair - read it as 'we reserve the right to not put ourselves in positions where we might die' Richard
  21. With the right prop and gearbox, you'd beat everything at Ricky Richard
  22. There's a pair of 1450hp diesels on EBay if you'd prefer a bit more power, Mike Richard
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