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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Do boat movers on this forum offer to assist in a move? What I mean is would a boat mover move a boat with the new (and novice) owner on board to help the novice learn to cruise / navigate? Not so much formal tuition, but the novice learning by observing and helping out. If the answer is Yes, some boat movers on here do allow a novice owner to be involved in the move, has that now changed due to the Covid-19 situation? I'm interested to see how people feel about this.
  3. Thank you for the explanation. I do like to be pedantic and use correct words, spellings, where there is a definite difference in meaning. I don't want to be upsetting anyone.. 🐵
  4. I agree. Narrowboat engineering videos are far and few between. Not only would engine room videos be great to watch, but electrical engineering too. I see there are a few videos on the classic engines but not so much on the typical four cylinder engines: Barrus, Beta Marine etc. By the way, is it "narrowboat", or "narrow boat"?
  5. The edge of the hearth tiling nearly approaches halfway into the middle of the floor but isn't noticeable when walking around. As well as moving the stove to the right I'd also like to rotate the stove clockwise about 45 degrees. By doing that I'll be able to set the stove back to the wall a little bit because the rear exiting flue will no longer be pointing directly towards the wall. I know it won't be a huge difference but it will look better and give that extra little precious space.
  6. I only have photos at the moment so can't check the screws but I will look the next time I see her. I will look out for cemented joints - thank you. I have attached another photo of the stove showing the whole set-up. Hopefully the flue size can be roughly estimated from this? Thinking about moving the stove - there must be a limit on how far from the vertical a flue can be installed; with regulations etc. I'd like to keep the same roof exit for the flue if I can. It will be an easier job plus keeping the same roof hole saves a lot of work. If I wanted to move the stove, say, two feet to the right, (and keeping the same roof exit) do you think the flue pipe angle will not be too shallow? I know it may not look great if the flue runs diagonally across the wall but it will help with the layout that I want. It may be that I get on the boat and like it where it is but It would be good to know the options I have available. Thank you.
  7. Wow, my stove does look like it's been modeled on the Charles Portway 'Tortoise' stove. Thank you for the photo and the info! I'm going to look into it being a possible retro-type stove. Thank you
  8. Thank you blackrose. My wife and I are going to buy the boat regardless. We have heard is said many times (as you have here) that a boat is rarely 100% the one you want. The stove wasn't an issue until I tried looking it up on the Internet. I only hear about the brand Morso so thought I'd see what Olivia do. I'm thinking now that the stove may have been replaced since the original build. Maybe I'm over-thinking it now 🐵 I will certainly research an alternative stove just in case this one fails the Safety Certificate. Thank you for your input..
  9. Don't worry, I won't be offended with critical comments. I'd rather have some information ahead of the purchase. The boat will be surveyed quite soon and it's also having the Safety Certificate renewed at the same time. The surveyor seems well regarded from coming across his name when doing general reading in the forums.
  10. Thank you to the first two people to comment. I did compare this stove with other images and see that it does appear to have a French look about it - which I quite like. Not liking that it may be more for looks than practical purposes haha - Winter will tell. ..still a mystery...
  11. Hi all, I am very, very new to the world of narrowboats. Hopefully getting my boat within two or three weeks. I am posting on the forum because I am unable to identify the make and model of the multi-fuel stove on my boat-to-be. The boat's specification booklet says it's called an Olivia and was supplied by Northern Fabrications. I emailed Northern Fabrications asking about this stove. They emailed back and Eddie said that he's never heard of it. I cannot find a stove called Olivia on the Internet, so far - or it's going to take a much thorough search. I have also looked at hundred of images of stoves in the hope of seeing another like it. Please see the attached photo and hopefully someone may recognise it. Thank you in advance Unix
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