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  1. Thanks for the help on this one. Turns out the pump was very weak. Not enough fuel getting to to the unit and it was not burning well. New pump fitted and all’s well.
  2. Hi the unit was fitted by a boat yard in 2017 and had a burner replaced last year. The exhaust is a webasto marine specific unit, no drain hole, I could chase down a new exhaust but was concerned it could be a heater gasket leaking if that’s possible on these units
  3. Looking for some advice we have a webasto thermo top C fitted in the boat and it’s been working fine however yesterday you smell exhaust fumes in the engine room and when I pulled back the exhaust sock and run the heater you can see exhaust fumes coming from the unit. Unfortunately I cannot isolate it to either the exhaust or heater. is it possible for exhaust fumes to enter the boat from just the heater body or can it only be leaking from the exhaust stub pipe or exhaust.
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